what's a good girl gone bad?  

IdahoGoldenGirl 43F
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6/1/2005 8:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

what's a good girl gone bad?

So in need of an entertainer. But who will be the one?

rm_hard4065 52M

6/1/2005 8:52 pm

I don't know who the one will be, but I'm sure they will be lucky to entertain such a fine looking lady.

Barbiebunny69 44F

6/1/2005 9:58 pm

welcome to blogland!

rm_cutie_search 51M
7 posts
6/1/2005 10:22 pm

sure wish it was me... I'm sotra close only in Oregon...


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6/2/2005 2:14 am


NightOfPassion2 59M

6/2/2005 5:28 am

He would be a lucky guy!
Wish it was me too!

rm_indophilist 37M

6/2/2005 8:01 am

Hi! I'm from Texas (which is too far away)

EdgeofdesireM 48M

6/2/2005 9:54 am

An entertainer you seek? To entertain or be entertained is the question that must be asked in hopes that the answer will be both.

InfraPlumsScore 61M
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6/2/2005 11:09 am

I want to see you.

rm_smokinhotone 44M

6/2/2005 1:21 pm

i would love to be your entertainer.smokin

rm_mnstrmd 40M
7 posts
6/25/2005 10:13 am

hi I would like to entertaine you. I live in emmett Id. e mail me if you want to meet. thanks James

rm_plpsb 43M

6/25/2005 11:35 pm

Well I guess that depends on what type of entertainment you are looking for?

LegendaryNinja 40M

6/30/2005 7:19 am

I am the one. Sorry all, confidents breeds leaders. Myself I would entertain the idea of entertaining you. However it would be much more like to be the panicle of excitement for you if you dare. You have my contact information already all you have to is take a gamble. What ever you decide I am sure it will be exciting as mystery leads down the tunnel of excitement. Wish you luck in your pursuit.

passonateboy 31M
3 posts
7/7/2005 11:39 pm

These others just try. I am a very kind and intimate young man who just want's to get together with some local ladies, i would make a good entertainer, want to set a date?

ryne42 39M
2 posts
7/12/2005 11:58 am

hey girl, i don't know how to contact you. but you're hot. funny thing is, is that i am too. and i'm in boise. help me out. help me find you.

hack1874 43M
1 post
7/21/2005 3:17 pm


rm_usaukgent 48M

12/7/2005 11:17 pm

hi golden girl your stunning

4UrPleasure222 35M

12/20/2005 8:40 pm

Hello golden girl you are beautiful it suprises me a woman as georgeous as you lives in Boise. We should definatly chat sometime so drop me a line at

mitchellwd01 66
1 post
1/24/2006 6:31 pm

I like to see for real.

steph745 50F
1 post
2/3/2006 10:44 pm

love to be entertained get back.

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