Monday is a new day....  

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8/16/2005 1:07 am

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Monday is a new day....

So... I wrote a "blog" last week that I don't particularly like this week. It's apparent that I included a lot of my duress from problems at work. I'm quite over that now, and ready to talk about other important issues going on in my life today.
I guess that I will start with my current "pseudo" relationship. Hayley, I love her to death, but she's facing 5 years in prison for doing stupid things (stealing cars), and violating her probation. She's been through jail boot camp, the work release program, and almost 30 days of house arrest... that's where she screwed up. Anyways, I'm trying to help her, but she keeps me on edge by not communicating with me... I mean, for someone who claims to love you, yet leave me in the dark about everything involving her legal matters and more importantly, her well-being. I mean, I hear from her if she needs something... mainly money. But money doesn't matter to me - I just want to know where we stand. It's now Saturday, and it will be almost 5 days since I've last heard from her. Honestly, I think that she's stressed out and doesn't know what to do... Completely understandable, but she should know that I'm here for her, and someone to talk to. Nothing in life is truly perfect, and I guess that I can't pretend that this situation is anything near normal. I'm just gonna have to deal with it, and realize that my life will continue on...

Other than that... I've been carrying on... workin hard playin harder. Not much is new with me. I am currently seeking to change my location (at my jobsite), that's if they don't give me partnership within the next 30 days. I have way too many other options to check out than to stay at my current employer. Granted, they did trust me enough to put me in charge of the new menu, and give me absolute power in the kitchen, but I want more. I've seen what my menu items have done for business, done for the reputation of the place (especially from what it was), it's only fair... don't cha think???

It is now Monday, August 22nd, and I have no word from Hayley as of this point. I talked with her mother and apparently she got a continuance on her court date. I'm relieved to hear about it, but even worse, the suspense will linger on until the middle of September. Oh the torture! I guess that I will just have to ride it out and see what happens... with everything. I know she has more important issues to deal with right now, that's why I'm not concerned a great deal about her calling me. If anyone is actually reading this, you should read my article titled "Oh dear, what have I done". It's a true story of an event that just recently happened to me. I'm trying to shorten it up, but if you like details, this is the article to read! Hey, in my line of work, descriptive and suggestive words are crucial! That's all for now~~~~~~

nighttime19 33F

8/22/2005 3:10 am

honistly,if you love her keep on sticking by her and helping,everybody fucks up some more than others but you cant dwel on it you gotta get on with things,and nothing and noone is normal whats nomal to you could be odd to someone else.
best of luck

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