rm_IanDark 56M
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9/10/2006 5:20 am

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9/10/2006 1:33 pm


I feel like shutting off everything.

I don't want to wake up anymore.

There is no hope.

There is no place to go.

There is no one to see.

No one can help you.

No one wants to help you.

No one cares.

In the end, you're alone.

Why bother anymore?

rm_verriberri 80F
1849 posts
9/10/2006 6:07 am

Wrack your brain - there is someone to call; if you really cannot find anyone, then you must find it inside yourself. We go on because we find a glimmer worth keeping lit. Recovering from depression is a process, you must decide you want to, or it will not matter how many calls you make or how many people care. I hope you choose to find a way through.

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