The Plumber  

Iamrockhard 48M
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10/22/2005 1:32 pm

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The Plumber

The door bell rings.. I'm a little eairly for my serivce
call, you answer the door in a towell and I notice that your
freshly showered. I apploigize for not calling and taking
you from your shower. you tell me no problem at all.
You direct me to the sink in the kitchen where you are having
problems with the garbage disposal. it seems to be plugged
or seized you tell me. I say it shouldn't be too bad and
lets have a look. I get under the sink on my back and start
to look at the disposal. and noitce it is quite old and starting
to rust out. It really should be replaced to make sure you
don't have any more problems I tell you. You ask how
much will that cost saying that you don't have a lot
of extra money right now. I suggest a new unit that I have
on the truck will run about $150 installed and that was a
pretty good deal as I have the unit as an extra.
you sigh a little and tell me that really is more that you
can afford and is there anything else that I could do to lower
the cost, I look up at you from under the sink and notice you
have squated down to be able to talk to me. and your leggs
are slightly parted and I can see beneath your towell, you
smile a little and spread your leggs a little wider. I notice
you have freshly shaved your little minkie.. it looks so
cute peaking out ... you repeat is there anything that I
could do to help with the price and at the same time you start
to rub my leg.. well that got the attention of my other head instantally springs to attention and you quickly
move to rub the growing mass in my pants... you say I think
we can work this out as your towell falls to the kitchen floor...

Well I could continue my story if you all want me to... let
me know how I'm doing so far...

Here are some alternate endings that you might want to suggest
I use..
1) The homeowner gets her pipes cleaned
2) The plumber gets his tool wet
3) The plumbers snake get in deep
4) The wife's husband arrives home to find her fucking
the plumber on the kitchen floor.

I LOVE ROLE PLAY ! .. so if any of you ladies or couples want
to work on a real life story let me know..

rm_Brandon1971 41M
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5/28/2006 9:19 am

GREAT story! I prefer ending number 4.

4) The wife's husband arrives home to find her fucking
the plumber on the kitchen floor.



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