Well, Hell Part Two: It's Pneumonia boys and girls  

IamWetFire 53
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9/4/2006 8:02 pm

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9/20/2006 3:11 pm

Well, Hell Part Two: It's Pneumonia boys and girls

Hell and shit. . .

And I'd say that out loud if I could get enough air in my lungs.

Just a quickie update. I don't have the energy for anything more.

I do have antibiotics and meds for my asthma treatments. . .so now it's just the time it'll take to build myself back up again. I average about six weeks bouncing back from pneumonia. I know. . .from too many experiences with it. Had it more years than not. It's bad when you KNOW you've got it before you even get to the clinic. Thought I'd dodge the bullet for nearly 3 years! That's an amazing record for me.

But now. . .more tea and bed. . .

Feeling VERY unsexy and dull right about now. . .

elysianpleasure 48

9/4/2006 8:12 pm

I am sure you are still sexy... but I doubt you have the stamina for 4 or 5 hours... of hot sweaty... sinfully pleasurable sex... so... in the meantime...

Feel better... Elysian

rm_Kingcat4U2 66
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9/5/2006 2:53 am

I had pneumonia once, and God Almighty, does that
suck! You definetly have my sympathy. Get lots
of rest and I hope you have a quick road to recovery!

Sailor376 64
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9/5/2006 5:57 am

Get better, little one, tea and honey. Ever noticed that unrefridgerated honey can last in the pantry for years, except in my house? Kids. The bees add what may be the most powerful antibiotic to preserve the honey. And science has not found it yet. Soothing, sweet, and good for you. Not many can lay claim to all three. Hahahahaha

Just get better,


IamWetFire 53

9/5/2006 9:01 pm

Thank you, my dears.

I think I've turned the corner at least. The 104 fever that's been with me for days finally broke mid-morning. Breathing is still a struggle and I'm exhausted just by getting up out of bed. But at least I don't feel I'm at death's door now.

Two days ago that wasn't the case. I awoke 12 hours after passing out--literally from lack of oxygen--to find all four of my cats piled protectively around me, staring at me as I struggled to sit up and take a sip of juice. The looks on their little faces told me more than how pale I looked in the mirror, how blue my lips, and hooded my eyes. My PFT (Pulmonary Function Test) was down to 100ml. Very, very bad.

Today at least my lung capacity is "up" at the "danger/crisis" level of 250ml. Sad that that is a good thing! My "normal" non-crisis lung capacity is between 475ml and 500ml. That gives you an idea of how close I got this time. I was too weak to reach for the phone to dial 911. That's what I was thinking of when I passed out.

And I agree, Dean. Honey is a miraculous curative. I had some last night in a cup of Celestial Seasonings White Pear tea. It tasted completely strange, but that's the sickness causing that. Normally, that's my favorite combination. . .other than that impudent little Africa spiced tea, Kalahari Red! It's black pepper is great with the sweet touch of honey.

I just had a nice hot cup of espresso. While it'll keep me awake all night, at least I breathe easier with it on board.

Elysian Having asthma is so unsexy it hurts, but yes I am lucky in that I know exactly what triggers my attacks. If I avoid these things, I remain crisis-free for a year or more at a time. And if you've not already experienced the miracle that is Singulair, discuss it with your primary care person or pulmonologist. I wouldn't be alive today if not for that amazing drug!

Okay. . .back to watching dvds for me. I'm whipped (damned coughing makes me feel like I've been worked over with a rubber hose! ). And you know it's bad when I'm staying up all night to finish watching Season 3 of The Waltons! But then again, there's always more Star Trek Enterprise! I'd never say no to Scott Bakula!

I MUST be getting better! When I finally got some quality sleep midday today, I had the most wonderful, lucid, (and yes, sexually explicit) dreams. These are the kind that always lead to a new manuscript idea for me. Suffice to say, this was twisting and turning like some classic David Lynch film. . .with way too much sex for an NC-17 rating! But a good storyline nonetheless! And, shockingly enough, completely outside my normal genre of the military thriller.

Sailor376 64
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9/5/2006 10:03 pm

Oh dear! Here we go again!

Make my glasses steam. I love it!


IamWetFire 53

9/6/2006 12:44 am

Long cruise was it, sailor?

I need to write down the details of these dreams before I forget them all.

I think every actor I've ever found attractive turned up at one point or another as a part of this labyrinthine muder mystery. And--scary or not--nearly half of them ended up having sex with me. Yikes. Most notable was a back-door visit from sexy redhead David Caruso on the front lawn of a mansion in broad daylight. That's memorable in itself!

(Time to pull out my unrated director's cut of Jade and watch it a few more times! )

And to think, just before going to sleep I was listening to an audiobook about the origins of the Iditarod dog sled race! Damn. . .must be the antibiotics!

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