Extravagances Sensuelles, Partie Quatre  

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Extravagances Sensuelles, Partie Quatre

Sensual Extravagances, Part Four
Rediscovering sensuality with ancient wisdom.

The Perfumed Garden
by Sheik Umar ibn Muhammed al-Nefzawi

"A sensuous paradise where erotic love grows and blooms. . ."

This legendary 16th century treatise on love making was first translated into English by world-famous explorer Sir Richard Burton. The book explored every facet of loving sex from foreplay to afterglow. It addresses love making for what it is; the complete merging of two adults, mind, soul, heart and body. No aspect is left untouched.

I own a nicely illustrated edition of the book and it has long been the favorite of my collection of erotic texts.

Of all the various and wonderful offerings, my favorite is something called the Fitting On of the Sock.

"Several of Sheik Nefzawi's descriptions refer to what are more lovemaking actions than actual positions. In this one, which for many women results in a state of high arousal, the name derives from the manner in which the penis comes into contact with the vagina and vulva. It is a movement that can contribute immeasurably to the pleasures of foreplay, or perhaps provide a change of pace, or even a separate interlude, during the course of sex. Either way, it can have the effect of arousing a woman deeply before the man fully inserts his penis into her.

The woman needs to lie on her back while her partner squats between her legs with his buttocks resting on his feet. She can then raise her legs and rest her parted thighs across his so that her entire vulval area is exposed and accessible to him.

The man then puts his penis between the lips of his partner's vulva and, using his thumb and forefinger, pulls them closed around it. He then makes shallow but quite rapid thrusts, an action which can be continued until the woman's vagina is moist and fully aroused. Deeper penetration--to the full length of the penis--can then occur. All the while, the man can use his other hand to stimulate his lover's clitoral area. The woman in turn could fondle or gently squeeze his testicles."

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ZZ_Todd 61M

8/29/2006 5:45 am

Well, this saves me a trip to the Library... and since I really don't have any need to practice lately, when I do, then I can always come back here!

IamWetFire 54F

9/1/2006 7:02 am

This is one of those books I had to have. The photographs definitely make it worth the price. It's the most beautiful erotic edition in my collection. Toad and I found it in a lovely, eclectic bookstore in Houston when we were stationed there. It just has so many wonderful things, from seduction to afterplay. And sections on making safe sex sensual, adjusting for differences in body size and height. Even suggestions for various role-play games.

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