Extravagances Sensuelles, Partie Deux  

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Extravagances Sensuelles, Partie Deux

Sensual Extravagances, Part Two:

Passion is like a box of chocolates. . .

You will need a game that the two of you can play along with an assortment of chocolates. Godiva would be my choice, but any fine quality chocolate with a high percentage of cacao in it will do nicely. Remember, the higher the cacao content, the nicer the brain-hormone response!

1. Choose your game carefully.

• It should require the use of chocolate pieces. Good examples could be chess, checkers, 5-card draw poker (chocolates instead of money or chips). You get the idea.

2. Make enough time to really set the scene.

• No rushing this between meetings, picking up the kids from school, etc. Get a babysitter. And better yet, get a nice hotel room for the event.
• Unplug the phone, turn off the cell.
• Add romantic music, candles, champagne, a fireplace if appropriate.

3. Get naked!

4. Enjoy each other.

Using checkers as an example, here are the basics of game play:

Use the chocolates are your game pieces. Every time you capture a piece, the losing partner must then, delicately, sensuously devour that chocolate from the body part of the capturing player’s choice using only lips and tongue. No teeth, fingers or other appendages allowed!

As you can well imagine, this game can take hours when played correctly. . .and you can easily be distracted from the actual game board in any number of delightful ways. Try not to let this happen too much since the build-up is what this scenario is all about. If you can hold out with this sort of tantalizing stimulation for a couple of hours, well, you’re going to get more than just a tasty, cream-filled center in the end!

Let the chocolatiery begin!

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