Morning Dick...  

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7/24/2006 12:12 am

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Morning Dick...

come over just as u are, dont shower, shave or anything, i want u naturally as u are. i want to smell them nuts thru your boxers that u have slept in all nite, i want to smell that dick thru your boxers and have u stand up, pull your cock out and just let me lick your STICK with my tounge from your COCK HEAD down to your balls.

and when i get to your balls, i lick only RIGHT nut, roll my tounge all around it, then slide my tounge back up to the HEAD of your cock, then i kiss your cock head and slowly and gently use a little suction pulling your cock into my mouth and just hold it there, deepthroating your entire cock, i use only my inner throat to gently jack u off, *never moving my head* and using my tonunge to stoke your shave as my throat muscles jack u off.

as your cock is deeply down my throat i take both hands and grab your ass cheeks, pulling your cock DEEPER down my throat, then i back off your cock and kiss your cock head again.

sitting u down on the couch while u watch porn, i get on my knees spread your leges slightly so your balls will hang over the edge of the couch, i use my throat and just ride your cock RAPIDLY, taking all your dick down my throat, stopping every once in awhile to lick them nuts, then lick some of your dick, then lick some of your nuts, but i can feel your cock head swelling and your getting close to CUMMING, so i stop........... tell u to grab your cock with one hand, SQUEEZE your PRE-CUM out your cock and onto my tounge as i lick it off your cock head and telling u the entire time *THANK YOU*

now i'm ready for my prize *YOUR CUM* and i have u stand up with me on my knees, and i tell u to FEED THAT DICK TO ME* as u put your hands ontop of my head to guide it on your dick, and you are using your hips to PUSH-SHOVE-RAM your cock in and out of my mouth, i can feel your balls slapping against my chin everytime u feed me all that dick, your cock head is swelling and your about to cum, then u RAM your cock deep down my throat and hold it there as your cum is SHOOTING out your cock, hitting the back of my throat, your cum is filling up my mouth and u keep your cock buried deep down my throat saying *swallow my cum faggot*

u pull your cock out my mouth, use your hand to squeeze the rest of your cum out onto my face lettting me suck/lick the rest of your cum.

u put your boxers back on, look at me and say, THANKS, got to go man. and u walk out the door.

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