Extremes Deux  

rm_I_NV_Satiety 48F
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7/30/2006 9:43 am

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8/1/2011 11:33 pm

Extremes Deux

I am so sick of getting into pissing matches with men.

I am curious to know why it is that some men have a distinct desire to make a woman feel like a worthless piece of shit? Why is it funny to some men to call a woman names, make her feel like trash...all in the name of "joking" or "being funny"?

Is it fear? Is it not cool for men to look like they are actually enjoying a woman? Do you not want your friends to know that you may really LIKE the opposite sex?

Three extremes....

I'm in a bar and the man behind me is with his friend. They're loud and obnoxious, just being guys, when a phone rings. I hear this man tell his friend that "it's my sweetie" and then he answers the phone with so much excitement in his voice, it garners my full attention. He's been with this girl for awhile, this is apparent, but he is so crazy about her that he doesn't care if he looks like a pussy in front of his friend.

That is what I call a real man.

2) A woman gets a phone call from a man who's first words are... "What up, biatch?" He's obviously with a friend and has some insane intent on making it look like he could give a shit about her. Maybe he doesn't, I don't know, but they end up in a pissing match with no winner.

That is what I call a pussy.

3) A woman gets a message from two different men. One calls her a bitch, the next calls her a princess.

Seriously, do I even need to comment here?

My point being, most women can talk shit like a man, and sometimes it's even fun, but being talked down to all the time is a definite turn off...I don't care how mouthy the broad is.

MamChelle 49F
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7/31/2006 10:01 pm

As a lifestyle submissive, i often define the difference in humilliation play, by saying... it is one thing to call me a slut/whore, and quite another, to make me feel like one. i demand and expect to be treated with respect, and as a lady by a man, untill it is negotiated that i will submit to being treated in another way, and for how long, it is in the details sometimes. Some people tend to forget that respect garners much in a relationship..hence the relate part.

pierd 53M
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8/1/2006 11:17 pm

You're (both) spot on. Power brings responsibility, and those who can not handle should not be given an opportunity to use it.

If every woman dumped her man the moment he made her feel bad (possibility of redemption not excluded, but requiring time and effort), the world of relationships would be fra more civilized - and - and the 'pussies' would be eliminated, or at least silenced

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