Harsh words from a close-minded individual  

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11/24/2005 10:57 am

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Harsh words from a close-minded individual

The following email from Amyh101 strengthens my position that though I was trying to be sincere when writing her, and I do get to Calgary often, she reacted as most close minded negative personalities do - and its just sad that there are people on this site who have nothing better to do with themselves than intentionally try to belittle others...please read her remarks to me:

"What I got from it is that you're high maintenance and not even in my vicinty. This makes me wonder why you bothered to email me at all, unless you make it down to Calgary more than once in a blue moon. You have repeatedly said you have to meet offline as a precondition of chatting which won't work if you're not in my vicinity, so that pretty much nullifies your overture here.

It sounds as though you've been jerked around online for a while for you to have all the preconditions listed in your email, and you're trying to remedy your experiences by neurotically setting up preconditions to keep yourself from getting hurt again, this doesn't indicate that you've had any good experiences meeting people online. In fact what it shows is that while you're trying to avoid playing someone else's game, you appear to be playing one of your own. Be that as it may, I will generally meet a person once, to see if it is worth the effort, if not I will cut off all contact.

And I generally regard anyone looking for "friends with benefits" to be a player who wants to have their cake and eat it too because they want a regular lay but they also want to be single enough to play the field, so I avoid those sluts like the plague - no matter how well all you guys have mastered the idea from the lyrics of Alanis Morissette songs. It's merely the second stage of a sexual revolution that began years ago to desensitize people from the consequences of love and sex, and I don't buy it, never will.

... I am online for my amusement, not yours, so if you don't hear from me for a while on it, it probably means you've outstayed your welcome.

Final comment: ** it looks like Amyh101 is a woman who needs to check out a dating site such as Dreammates or Lavalife, it's obvious to me that she has no concept of this sites' intended purpose.**


11/24/2005 11:57 am

Sounds to me like you two might be too _similar_ to match as you seem to also be doing a very similar form of what you complain about her doing.

It's that same effect you get when you try putting the polar equivalents of two separate magnets together. Which nearly always gets you a strong repulsion.

Complaining about this in the way that you've done will most likely only serve to drive an even bigger wedge between you two.

Don't blame the other person for the repulsion or take their repulsion personally. Although it may feel that way it'll almost never really is worth perceiving that way. Instead thank that repulsing feeling for saving you from further trouble and move on to pursuing someone else where you feel a genuine attraction rather than repulsion.

Although I have also seen fluke cases in which the battling couple even gets a wild hair up their collective asses and suddenly takes off for Vegas and returns wearing weading rings. And sometimes this even ends up lasting. But in the cases where it does I've never seen that battle between them ever really end. That may be some folks idea of fun but sure ain't mine.

Anyways, good luck!



ILickWell4u 42M

11/24/2005 6:33 pm

Actually, this person is just a woman I had sent one initial email to - a simple not interested would have sufficed instead of her novel. Anyhow, point taken KC_JJ and thx. However, I feel I have to share her second email to me after I asked her not to email me again...

"Dear Desperate,
I thought you would appreciate a little honesty, but it looks like you're going to continue playing your games until karma catches up to you. And I'm not at all in a bad mood, so don't give up your day job for one as a psychic or empath. I thought I'd give you something analytical, realistic and honest, but obviously you're looking for pandering fluff, so be gone with you."

LMAO - ahh well, ce la vie. BTW - readers this girl is Amyh101.

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