Superman Returns - A short review.  

ILearnQuik 45M
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6/27/2006 10:37 pm
Superman Returns - A short review.

Got to see a early screening tonight. Better than the donner films from the 80's, but not by much! Bit of a lame 'twist' in the story, that I really didn't like, and one that Singer could have left out completely. They basically reveal 'it', then don't do anything else with 'it'. It also makes me cringe when I think about possible sequels because of 'it'. Ugh.

At least it wasn't a warmed over 'origin' story like many other super hero flicks of late.

first 30-45 mins is great though, if they only could have kept that up through it's entire 2:30 running time.

Overall, kinda disappointed. I'm more of a Marvel fan anyway, but I was hoping it could have been more of Batman Begins kinda flick, which I really enjoyed.

maybe I need to go spend the $9 and watch Xmen 3, I heard that was decent.

maybe I'm getting jaded. really hasn't been much in the way of good cinema lately.

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