The Festival  

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9/12/2005 6:32 am

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The Festival

OUR FIRST FESTIVAL I was dreaming about our first meeting and when I awoke the dream was still crystal clear.

We had arranged to meet each other at a place that we knew none of our acquaintances would frequent. It was quiet a decision. Finally you suggested we meet at a strip club a short way out of town. You were quiet apprehensive when you made the suggestion as you thought I might think you were a cheap whore. I reassured you that I thought nothing of the sort and told you that I new the place, and had been there before a few times with the boys. Further I highlighted that they also served a decent meal and their prices were quiet reasonable. Of course I also new that they hired out “hotel” rooms by the hour. This would be the contingency plan if we needed it. I did not tell you because I was afraid you might think I was a typical guy, just looking for a quick screw.

This was like a blind date as we had not met each other previously, but only communicated via email and a chat room. The idea was to meet and to see if we liked what we saw, if so we would take the relationship straight to bed and fuck (as you put it in your profile). I liked you very much for your candidness and that you actually admitted that you fantasized and had fetishes. My present wife never admitted it and I had decided after many years of marriage that she was a prude without any sense of adventure. If we had any issue with one another after we had our first blind date, we agreed to be perfectly honest and tell how we felt. We also agreed that we would not hold any grudges and might even continue the relationship online.

I was waiting in absolute anticipation for you to arrive and when you did, there it was again, the wet feeling in my undies ……..precum, shit, I thought I was acting like a freeken teenager, unable to control his urges. As I set eyes on you I thought “GEE she’s ravishing, I could do her right here in broad daylight.” Instead I greeted you very politely, with a hand shake and mumbled some thing like we should not be too demonstrative in public, just in case!

We walked inside as I led the way and went to the reception counter to pay the cover charge. I was surprised as the receptionist greeted you by name. As I looked at you, you just winked, so I left it at that. We walked into the restaurant/strip club, found a table in the corner and started to chat.

After two rounds of drinks a stripper saunted to our table and sat down between us. She introduced herself as Natasha. We chatted awhile and I noticed that you were getting fidgety. I got up and went to the John’s and as I walked past I saw the strippers’ hand exploring between your legs. My FUCKEN HELL, what the fuck is going on here, I thought.

As I did my number in the Gents, I came on a brilliant idea. With that in mind I returned to the table. “Ladies”, I said “Let’s go for a lap dance in the private lounge” “You mean the two of us” asked Natasha as she pointed at me. “No” I replied “the three of us” You looked at me, and then at the stripper and back at me and then a sly smile creped over your face and then you nodded in agreement, to which Natasha eagerly agreed.

You were like two 10 year old school kids as you walked in front of me into the private lounge. We sat down and as Natasha started to do her dance routine; your hand gravitated to my crouch that was already practically bursting out of my pants.

Before I knew it we were all lying on the floor devouring each other in a ménage a trios. Another couple walked into the lounge for a lap dance routine. We did not even notice them and in a matter of seconds we were having one good old jolly gang bang. Before long there was fifteen people fucking and grinding, sucking and fondling, fingering and wanking.

Natasha took the lead and organized all the girls to ly on their backs in a star formation with their heads in the centre. The guys knelt astride the women facing them and wanked until all came. It was one huge cumm parade. When the Cumming was done, she then ordered us to lick off the cum from all the ladies, Lick and move to the next cum covered body. It was so erotic tasting man seed that I started to become erect.

You noticed, and with one movement pinned me on the couch as you started ridding me like a rodeo bronco. The other sluts followed your lead and the FUCKFEST was again in session.

When we walked out of there, my cock felt like it had been ridden over by a steam-roller. You were walking like you had ridden a horse for five days nonstop, but Nothing could wipe the grin off your face. You then admitted that this was all planned and I had fallen into the trap. WHAT A GLORIUS TRAP TO FALL INTO.

I new then that we were going to have a long copulating relationship. The dream ended as we walked out of the club and you were tonguing me in the most exotic kiss that I have ever experienced.

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