MY Dream 2  

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12/22/2005 4:48 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

MY Dream 2

I grabbed the door handle, my heart was pounding, and the voice in my head was asking…what I’m I letting myself into? Fuck it I thought, in for a penny in for a pound.

I had barely opened the door and you and your friend grabbed me and started tearing my clothes off. My COCK was relieved as he was released,he stood up to attention, his head glistening with enthusiasm. I remember thinking that the car had a beautiful aroma of female juices and “COCKY” seemed to increase length and girth by 2 cms. He must have been a full 18 cms.

After the two of you in double quick time folded the backrests of the seats to make a double bed, I was wrestled and pinned on my back to the seat. You where riding my PRICK as you shouted “where have you been all my life….. He’s soooo BIG.”

Your friend had installed herself over my face and I was having a field day as I tasted fresh girl CUM. I flicked my tongue through the vaginal folds and pieced the opening into her freshly lubricated CUNT. My extremely long tongue made her shriek with desire as she commanded me to fuck her with my MOUTH COCK.
“Fuck me with that mouth cock, fuck me hard….yes, yes yes”

It all went quiet for a while and I imagined that the girls where tonguing each other. My suspicions were confirmed as I heard the obvious sounds of slurping and licking. The girl installed on my face moved a little so that I could flick my mouth cock (as she called it) on her already protruding and enlarged CLIT. She squirmed again as she moved and placed he rose bud so that I could lubricate it.

While this was happening you were riding me like a bronco in a rodeo.happyf; I could feel my COCK penetrating deep inside your PUSSY. You then told Veronica that you were close to Cumming and wanted to try my MOUTH COCK.

After the girls had swapped, it was not seconds that I had deeply penetrated your CUNT with my Mouth COCK, the flood gates of the Hoover dam opened and you not only CAME but SQUIRTED deep down my throat.

When Veronica sat on my PRICK, it felt extremely tight until I had penetrated her, It felt like COCKY was in a sauna and then I realized that she had placed COCKY squarely on her ROSEBUD and forced him into her ANAL passage.

Once you had stopped CUMMING you lay next to me and started to lick your girl cum off my face. We soon were locked in a passionate kiss {=}while Veronica was riding COCKY. With all this attention COCKY could not hold himself in any longer. He erupted ...\8to such an extent that Veronica shrieked and immediately started to CUM for the second time. You had anticipated this and by the time she erupted you had placed your mouth at her CUNT and slurped up the juices that emitted from her.

We rested and had donned our clothes; my shirt seemed that it had been through a paper shredder. You asked in a husky sensuous voice
“Can we keep you for the rest of the day”
“Yes” I replied, and you drove off into the sunset, with as all giggling and the two of you discussing how you would DO me when we got to your home.

I must of woken up shortly after the dream ended as my sleeping shorts were drenched with cum.

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