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I don't feel that having a man go down on you is a privilege in itself. What is a privilege is having an educated experienced man going down and savoring every bit of you.. Now that's explosive. I myself have no trouble reaching multiple orgasms from oral sex, if done right! There are too many men walking the planet out there, clueless. Slokiss' description of what a lady likes is indeed what a lady WANTS! Teasing is good, very good. Taking it slow and driving your partner insane is what its all about. I can cum in less than 2 minutes. But is there any reason to rush? Bad oral sex is just that...bad! Take your time, enjoy your lady and she will be convulsing and begging for more. Having shared my thoughts its only fair I share my wants and needs as well.

I am divorced but I must say my ex was incredible in this department. I love nothing more than for a man to slowly lift my skirt and tease me thru my wet panties with his whole face and tongue. Slowly moving them aside...Gently caressing my clit with his nose and tongue. I prefer the erratic licking and tonguing, instead of a repetitious mechanical tongue. Its all about the teasing. One minute its there and the next its somewhere else...

Fingers are good but I found that a tongue is more of a turn on. I really like his nose moving back and forth on my clit while he is AdultFriendFinder*ng me with his tongue. Feels like 2 tongues ladies. I do say, ask your guy to do this. There is also a certain electric shock that rivets right down my legs when my clit is sucked gently on and off. Right there that is where I start grinding my hips and lifting up off of whatever it is I am lying on. Right before I am coming, that is when I like a finger just hanging around by my wet pussy caressing its entrance I have been told how fantastic it is to actually feel it pulsing. Just when I am about to explode, I like that finger deep inside me thrusting back and forth while my clit is being nibbled and kissed. I tell ya there is nothing better than good head. I look forward to finding that special man who can make me feel this way again, and when I do I will kiss the ground he walks on.....

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