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Here is what I do. I like to start at the top by kissing all over her neck, then playing around her ear and back of the neck. Then work my way down to her tits and circle around them over and over finally working to the nipples and gently stroking them with my tongue, also during all this I try to use my hands to keep rubbing her waist and thighs. Then I like to keep kissing and licking her stomach from side to side .. and then I like to lick right over the panties for a while ... and then finally taking them off and then sliding the tongue down her thighs up to her knees and then coming back up and back down several times while my hands are moving around her butt and waist.

Then I like to get really close to the pussy and kiss the thighs from side to side going over the pussy and breathing but not really touching it ... I keep doing this and get so close to the pussy that she things I am about to touch it but I don't .. and then I will just breath really hard on it like I am about to attack it and then I blow some air on it and lick the thighs again .. and then I like to lick the pussy lips for a while and play with the vaginal opening for a long time and then I will go back to the thighs and keep playing with her as if I was getting close to actually licking the clit until she doesn't expect it .. and then I go right above the clit and lick it softly .. by now she is grabbing my head and forcing it down on her clit .. keep working softly above it and then move down slowly with your tongue until you are right below the tongue and then flick it up hard .. she will moan here definitely .. which really turns me on to keep going at the clit and few more soft strokes at the clit and she is having it.

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