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11/10/2005 8:39 am

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What a precious gem the Internet brought forth, when being very horny I typed in Oral Sex and found this site! As a female who adores a man's mouth on her stuff, I was pleased to see that a few men know where it's at. I'd like to offer one of my favorites. I call it the 'peek-a-boo.'

I like to be started off preferably on a couch with my lover on his knees in-between my legs. I like him to push my skirt up very high until my panties are exposed. Then I like him to slowly lick and kiss his way up. Emphasis on SLOW. When he finally gets to my crotch, I want him to slide my hips forward, part my legs just enough for him to get his head in, then put his mouth on my pussy and just breathe. The feel of hot breath and lips there begins my descent into ecstasy. Then I want him to kiss and nuzzle it for awhile. Basically, I want him to make out with my pussy. This relaxes me and gets my pussy creamy in no time.

Once my juices start oozing out, I like him to slide the crotch of my panties to one side and hold it there. My pussy is usually on fire at this point and the cool air of exposure takes my breath away. The pressure of the elastic of my panties as he holds it to one side really increases my pleasure. Now the tip of his tongue can make magic. This position also plumps and squeezes the folds of my pussy so that when his tongue begins to lick and flick the sensation really gets my clit throbbing. It's like my clit is hiding and the harder he tries to get at with his tongue, the more intense the pleasure. The more he pulls on my panties the hotter I get because now the panties feel really tight around my ass too and I love that feeling. It's like my pussy is peeking out of its hiding place and his tongue has to lick and slide in the folds. This causes a man's tongue to be very stiff and firm.

I usually start grinding my hips at this point, a signal that my throbbing clit needs to be sucked. Tugging on the elastic really plumps me into a perfect position for sucking and once his mouth and tongue start, I'm getting close to blasting off and when I do, oh my... it is the best thing ever. Now he can take my panties off. In the time it takes him to do that, my clit is ready for more action and I'll have as many orgasms as he's willing to provide.

Give this a try. If she doesn't like it she'll tell you. But if she's like me and loves pressure on her clit, eat her with her panties on for starters. You'll give her amazing pleasure!

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