Excerpts from RITA  

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Excerpts from RITA

She was young, as storms go, fairly tame, (no arrogance or complacency) but knowing that after the fact, never makes going thru it or preparing for the next any easier! Cause it's never over til it's over, your always listening for the locomotive! However it did have its moments, of drama and passion. Here’s just a few;

11a 9/19 right in the middle of my full-blown h-cane mode, The MIS calls from KW, “I know yr real busy, but, thought you might want to pop on by b-4 you bug–I’m staying!” that is (drive 50mi DEEPER into an evac area, say Hi!–and leave, riiight), just tear my fucking heart out, why don’t ya! She’s always very staled, never asking for help, hiding her fear–she refuses offers to come to me and one of a many places I hold keys to (a few owners who wld appreciate my motives! I know only a knight on a charger will do. Too much to do to think, 3 sites & 3 homes to go; closing up the sites & homes of others while the neighborhood bugs-out around you is very unsettling and always puts me in mind of the (80s Laurie Anderson cut “I… feel like…I am…in a burning building…and I gotta GO!

10p 9/19 After some 16 straight hrs of power-prep, I’ll spend several more just vibrating. This place sits on 3 lots, over 180 western water frontage (good/ bad? Time… private, a place where one can (literally–and I always do) dance naked in the rain, in the face of the oncoming storm! But, I don’t feel much like dancing. My MIS and her baby are in KW, ALONE! I’ve just stood on the end of the west facing dock, wind roar such that I couldn’t hear myself screaming her name “why wouldn’t you come to me?” “Sweet MARY M.O.G. please keep watch!” If anything happens…(oh how very fucking dramatic, ASSHOLE(me)–I tried.

9p 9/20 The wife and I spent several hours in sex-play, outside on the back porch. Safe on the lea side of the storm, howling winds and sheets of horizontal rain blew by us on both sides! We moved from place to place, on the table, deck furniture, stacks of cushions on the marble, standing at the rail, overlooking the churning sea! I told her to “go on, scream your head off we’re miles from where anyone can hear you!” and she sure did. JUST LIKE OL TIMES! It was GREAT! She was a little bombed I only hope she remembers most of it–I won’t soon forget!

maybe i'll post the whole thing somewhere as an article, in any case as long as we keeping having storms here--this will be a regular feature!

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