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6/4/2006 8:38 am

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interesting to me

that my "weirdest" entry to date garnered the most attention... maybe this will become blog-as-social-experiment, tho i am not sure what hypothesis to attempt to prove. call it an observational experiment... only to record and consider.

for the record:

i am not the type of person to just bitch about stuff, unless i truly can't change it and must endure it, in which case i am only looking for a sympathetic ear to get it off my chest. work falls into that category.

i am not the type to whine about how no one loves me, and everyone hates me and i am going to die alone. i may marvel at the difficulty of getting attention as a guy in a place like this, but it is mere observation. i hate whining. ask my daughter.

i am not sitting and waiting for anything. i am cautious. my last two years have been tumultuous, a time of great upheaval, some good some bad. all that means is... i am being cautious as i move forward in my life

these entries are more a snapshot of my mindset at any given time. i have, however, chosen to show the more disturbing vacation slides, as it were... there is enough "wisdom" out there already.

let the wild rumpus start...

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