Virginia's Day at the Fair  

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Virginia's Day at the Fair

Here's a story I wrote for

It's a sweltering Iowa August afternoon. You know the kind of day, 95 in the shade and 95% humidity. Your air conditioning is on the fritz. But it doesn't matter. It's state fair time and I'll soon be there to pick you up.

I arrive at your door and you open it just as my finger reaches the doorbell. You've been waiting for me. You're dressed in jean shorts and a pink t-shirt. Your shirt is knotted to display your navel and your long brown hair is pulled back into a pony tail. “Damn it Virginia, this just won't do. How dare you dress like this to go to the fair!” I close the door behind me and order you to strip on the spot. “I guess I'll have to dress you!”

You quickly remove the tee revealing your fabulous 38Ds bound within a cocoon of pink lace. It's worse than I first had thought. “Virginia, Virginia, Virginia...”. I slowly shake my head. You slowly pull down the shorts and there's a matching pink lace thong. “This just won't do, ” I repeat. “The bra and panties have to go!” You comply with a slow, sensual strip tease. Finally, all your clothes lay in a pile on the kitchen floor.

The site of your naked, sweaty body revealed by the strip tease makes me hard in an instant. “Drop down and blow me now!” I order. “I can't walk around the fair with this hard-on!” You eagerly submit, immediately taking my entire cock down your throat. I work hard to delay the inevitable but after only a few minutes of bobbing and licking, your sword swallowing skills quickly take me to the point of no return. I grab your pony tail, pull you down on me and blast a huge load down your throat. You look up at me and easily swallow it with a smile. Quickly you take my cock back in your mouth, sucking and licking until every last drop is milked from my balls.

When you finish, I look down, and there between your legs on the floor is a little puddle. “Clean that up!” I command. You quickly comply by laying on the floor and lapping up your pussy juice.

“Well, I can't dress you with your pussy in that state. Lay down on the table.” You know what I want. You lay down on the table with your ass just hanging over the edge. “Put your legs behind your head!” Your flexibility has always amazed me. You pull you legs behind you leaving your bald pussy and asshole gaping.

“Where to start, where to start...” I open one of the utensil drawers and pull out a pair of tongs. With my left hand, I clamp onto your left nipple with the tongs. You let out a noise that is half whimper and half moan. More juice dribbles out of your pussy and onto the floor. I reach into the refrigerator and pull out a cucumber. Of course a girl like you will have a cuke in her vegetable drawer. I make a few light licks on your clit and then plunge my tongue into your asshole, swilling up the pussy juice flowing into it. I plunge the cuke into your sopping wet pussy and you involuntarily breath in with a low long moan. I quickly reach up and grab your right nipple with the tongs. Your eyes grow large but you make no noise since your lungs are already full. I quickly remove the now drenched cucumber and you let out a scream as I slowly shove it into your waiting asshole. The pain and pleasure are too much as you reach your first climax. I keep working the cuke in and out until your tremors subside.

Now I begin working in earnest. With the cuke far up your ass, I begin licking and nibbling at your clit. You flinch with each flick of my tongue. Your breathing begins to quicken and I plunge the middle three fingers of my right hand into your sloppy hole. Plunging and turning my fingers, I move from your G-spot, to your cervix, to the cuke in your ass and back again. Over and over and over again. Now I add a fourth finger, my little finger, stretching you wide open. My hand turns back and forth, like the agitator in a washing machine, hitting every spot in your drenched hole. I stop working on your clit for a moment to admire the view. The cucumber in your ass, my hand in your pussy, the tongs on your nipple, your body writhing on the table. I set down the tongs and grab your nipples and roll them between my fingers. Pulling and stretching them. First one then the other. Your eyes close and you begin to pant. With my right hand, I reach down and begin sliding the cuke out of your ass from inside your pussy. I again start working your clit. I move my right hand to your G-spot and start making circles with my fingers. I place my left hand right at the top of your slit. As I work your clit I push down with my left hand and up with my circling right hand. After just a few seconds you explode into another orgasm. You grab my head and crush it into your clit. The cuke squirts out of your ass and onto the floor. I reach up with my left hand and begin working your nipples again and work my right hand in and out of your stretched pussy until you can no longer take it.

“Go take a shower and make sure you wash and powder that shaved cat, ” I demand. Exhausted but fulfilled you slide off of the table and stumble to the bathroom. I walk over to the kitchen sink to wash up, but not before I get one last taste of your pussy from my fingers. I pick up the tongs and cucumber. I rinse them off and put them away. Can't tell when I might need them again. I leave the large puddle of pussy juice on the floor for you to clean up.

While you're in the shower I begin to pick out your clothes. I need something that will free and display your assets, not bind and hide them. I open your drawers and find a white cotton crop halter. Perfect! Very light and sheer. Just right for showing off your cleavage and your nipples. In the next drawer I find a pair of tight white cotton knit hot pants. Just right for showing off your “camel toe.”

You come out of the shower dripping wet and I'm tempted to go again, but we'd better get going. I help you dry off making sure to give your nipples and pussy that extra attention they deserve. I show you the clothes you are going to wear. You object, but it's not your choice.

With the heat and humidity we might get a storm tonight so we close up and go out to the car.

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6/11/2009 7:56 pm

love the stories! 23m here for fun anytime !

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