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My tongue slides across your shaved pussy lips. The tip outlines your pretty pink slit, sliding from the top, down the right side pausing to circle your ass before resuming its slide back up the left side.

As I reach the top, I gently grasp both sides and peal them apart, exposing the juicy, fleshy fruit they enclose. I pull them taught, stretching the beautiful pink interior and causing your quickly growing clit to stand at attention. I quickly flick the tip back and forth with my tongue tip before crushing it with its full breadth sliding up and down. I reach in and start to pull the hood back. I feel the bundle of nerves slide between my fingers as I continue to pull the skin back to more fully expose your clit. I roll the bundle between my fingers as I flick at the now totally exposed tip with my tongue. I squeeze harder as I roll the bundle and your breath quickens.

I feel your juices start to flow out of your now sloppy wet pussy. I begin to slide in my fingers. First one. Then another. Circling around your hole from top to bottom and back to the top again. I add another finger, plunging deeper as I circle. Flicking back and forth across the back of your pussy and across your cervix. Now I add the fourth and plunge even deeper still. I spread my fingers wide and rotate my hand back and forth like an agitator, leaving no spot in your pussy untouched.

I slide the tip of my thumb just inside the rim. It stretches your hole further as I continue to agitate back and forth. You breath heavier and heavier. Squirming on my hand until I finally let it slide fully into you. You gasp and moan.

I ask "Is that what you wanted?"

You can barely wisper your reply, "Yes!"

I clench my fist and push hard against the back of your pussy as I continue to rotate. Your moans increase as I spread my clenched fingers to more completely fill you, stretching in all directions. Your moans are now interrupted with pants. I begin to move my hand in and out. Thrusting against your cervix, twisting and retreating. In and out. Faster.

Now I fully withdraw my hand and reenter you. In and out. In and out. Your moans increase. In and out. In and out.

I press my clenched fist against your opening. It pops in. You gasp. I push in twisting as I go and then retreat until it pops out with a slurping sound. I repeat. In and out. In and out. Your moans start coming in threes. Once as my fist enters you, another as it bottoms out, and again as it pops out.

I pick up the pace. Now not fully withdrawing my hand, but making sure to stretch the opening before returning to bury itself deep within you. In and out. Faster. Your breath has quickened to the point where the moans can no longer make it out. Just grunts as you empty your lungs and fill them.

I now concentrate on hitting your G-spot and your ass with my knuckles as well as your cervix as I rotate my hand. Faster. Harder. Deeper.

You finally begin to give in to the orgasm that has been cresting within you. Your gutteral moan exploding as you tense and squirm against my hand. But now I start squeezing and rolling your clit again. Your orgasm increases as do your moans until you reach the point you can no longer take the peasure. You grab both of my arms pulling me hard against you until you can regain your wits.

I grind your clit a few more times for good measure as I withdraw my hand and you collapse, fully spent and totally fulfilled.

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