Oh Well...  

Huggers8i 34M
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2/19/2006 6:32 am

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Oh Well...

Its like this...
You spend a big part of ur youthful days in a long term relationship and suddenly it ends; for reasons u wont even care to know.
So here's me now... single, athletic, artistic, funny(well other people seem to think so) and of course bloody horny.
Obviously the ladies can tell a mile off, a horny guy, and the steer well clear. Damb u all.

Now Im not the type to go to the cattle markets like the Drink and Time. Yet I still want to flirt. I no longer waste my days at a Uni so cant flirt with a large group of sexuall active students.

So I ask u... how does a guy get to meet girls and couples who just wanna have fun???
Obviously Im trying this place out but I dont know. It seems to be full of 40 year old males trying to get u to suck them off. Now Im up for some new stuff but Im not gay. I'd like to try a couplely thing and I wouldn't shy away from the guy as its part of the whole thing.

So please help out someone who just wants someonelse to help him get over his last relationship and put faith in them that people are having Sex in Surrey

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