Passing of a loved one (family)  

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7/23/2006 7:58 pm

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Passing of a loved one (family)

This was a poem that was found at a recent funeral for a family member (Cousin)who passed at a young age.

Today you took a trip
You closed your eyes
took one last breath
and let your soul take flight

You soared above the room
You flew through the clouds
Following that bright shiny light

You felt arms around you
holding you so close
You opened up your eyes
and couldn't believe the sight

You saw all your dear loved ones
The ones you missed for so long
There was nothing but happy tears
and hugs that went on and on

You talked about the past
you talked about what just was
And you started making new memories

You had no more pain
You had no more sorrow
You felt renewed and
oh so strong.

Down here the rain cleared up
And the sun shown oh so bright
I know that was your way
Of saying "Everything's Alright"

Today you took a trip
To a Place that called your name
Someday I'll make the same trip
And embrace you once again

During the funeral mass of my cousin I was sitting a couple of pews behind them. One thing that struck me at that time was the sunlight shining through the windows. Of all the people there, her husband and daugher were the only ones who had sunlight shining on them. Like the poem stated the bright sunshine beams on her family telling them "Everything's Alright"

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8/8/2006 4:12 pm

Hey very nice...sorry for the delay in seeing you did a blog...but you know my situation/busy lifestyle...take care...Daisy

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