Not all woman are the same nor are they all sane  

Hug_ga_me 57M
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7/4/2006 6:20 am
Not all woman are the same nor are they all sane

Just got home from Djing a Diviorcee party, Woooo, they were in their prime and in the mood.
(22-55 year of age)No married woman are men allowed, a few seperated ones snuck in some were between songs and dances though. They came to have fun, thats for sure. The host was a friend of the diviorcee, and what afriend she was. Right from the start she had activities to break the ice and get the mood off to a great start. Oh I forgot, if you were invited you had to come fully dressed as if you were going to a wedding with a swim suite underneath and as the activies progressed you were asked by a person of the opposite sex to remove something..............
Thank god for the sade over the Dj booth...... they were hot and horny and I got plenty of request early not to mention private dances and kisses while I was spinning the tunes........ Never missed a beat...... Hope to get lots of referrals from that party. Until then keep the tunes spinning and the email flowing, lifes to short to not enjoy time with family, Friends and beautiful woman.

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