Wet & Wild Weekend  

HrdFcknLuvsSckn 43M/36F
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3/12/2006 11:55 pm

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3/24/2006 10:19 am

Wet & Wild Weekend

So Philly came down on Friday like planned. My sister and her boyfriend, and my little cousin and her boyfriend were over, and we were all drinking... margaritas, henny, alize, 99 Bananas. He looked so damn sexy, and I wanted everyone to just leave for awhile so I could fuck him then and there... but I kept myself under control. We played spades and some drinking games (asshole, Kings, Up and Down the River) and were laughing and having a good time. He ran out to his car to get a CD and I met him on the fire escape on his way back in. I told him to fuck me right then and so he bent me over on the steps outside and slammed into me. It felt so fucking good having him inside me again! He spit on my pussy and started fucking me hard, and it turned me on when someone opened the door and saw us there fucking (which of course didn't stop us). He came inside my pussy, and then we went back inside to finish up the cards. I cooked (not my greatest talent in life) and then I couldn't wait any longer. I grabbed him by the hand and led him to my bedroom. He asked me to piss on him so I straddled him and sat on his dick, and soon I felt my own warm piss dripping down his dick. It felt so good to be so completely relaxed! I slid off of him and started sucking myself from him, before he pulled me up to him so he could taste my piss on my lips. HOT! Then we started fucking... and it was game. I had bought some toys, and we put those to use. He slid an anal plug into my ass and then started banging me with it inside me, and I loved how big it made him feel.
I'm a cutter and cut myself when I am upset, but the thought of him cutting into my flesh made my pussy wet, so I asked him to own me by carving his name across my chest. He took the razor (taking apart a double bladed shaver works great) and he started pressing it into my skin. When he drew blood I almost came... and when he licked the blood from my skin I did come. He slowly cut each letter of his name into my chest... licking the blood from me each time and then kissing me so I could taste my own blood on his tongue. I had blood dripping from my mouth, and we fucked as he cut me.
We took a break after that, and drunk as I was, I headed downstairs in nothing more than a cami and a pair of lace cheeky panties. A friend of mine and his manager (whom I had never met before) had shown up, and I showed everyone there my "daddy's" name. I had blood on my face and chest, so I went into the bathroom to wash it off. I filled the tub with warm water and added bubbles, lit some candles and turned off the lights. Philly came donwstairs and said he had to piss, so I got on my knees by the toilet, removed my shirt, and opened my mouth. He started to piss into my mouth, and I felt it splashing all down the front of my chest. He told me to get into the tub and turn around, so I did and he sprayed my ass with piss. Turning towards him, he finished pissing onto my pussy, making me wet and ready to fucking die for him. He climbed into the tub and I started washing his body. I said I had to piss so he told me to stand over him and piss, so I did. I pissed in his mouth and down his chest, and then got back on my knees to finsh washing him.
I took a quick shower after him and then went upstairs to finish playing. He fucked me in the ass and had me suck myself from his dick. He fucked my pussy with his hands around my neck, choking me just enough to scare me. He slapped me across my face, hitting harder everytime I cried out. I sucked my pussy juices off his fingers and tongue fucked his ass. It was the best night of fucking I had ever had.
The next day he called off of work and stayed with me. We were sitting in my livingroom with everyone else still there but upstairs and I started to suck on his dick. I knew there was a great chance someone would walk in on us but that made it better. He bent me over the sofa and started fucking me. Twice, someone walked in and turned around, and it made me so hot knowing someone had been watching us fuck. He fucked me until he came inside me, pulling my hair as he slid in and out of me. Later, we played more cards and things became a little crazy. I ended up cutting myself (over some stupid shit, but I was upset) and when he came to talk to me he licked the blood from my arm, which was so fucking hot. We talked, and then I begged him to fuck me. He did. In my ass, down my throat, deep inside my pussy. He came in his hand and made me lick his cum off. He spit into my mouth, on my ass and pussy and all over my face. I begged him to fist me, to tear me open, and he forced his entire hand into my pussy as I tried to get away from him. He made me take it though, and I loved it. He then started adding fingers to my asshole, but I couldn't handle it after he got to what felt like four.
The next morning we fucked again. Before he left later that afternoon, he put in Lesbian Bukkake #3 (chicks cumming all over another chick) and I started getting horny. (I'm always horny though... I love to fuck). He told me to play with my pussy and so I did (I always listen to daddy... except for when I want him to punish me). I wanted him to gag me with his dick so he stood behind me and slid his dick down my throat. He would slide all the way in and hold it there until I gagged and then pull up so I could breath. I was spitting and salivating all over his dick, and he used his dick to rub it all over my face. As he gagged me I played with my pussy, and at one point he shoved his dick down my throat and made me piss a little on myself. He then turned me over and rammed his dick into my pussy, before taking it to my ass. It hurt so bad because my ass had been fucked hard the night before, but I let him do it (I always give him what he wants). He shot a load of cum into my ass and then he left. It was the greatest weekend I have ever had! I think I am falling in love.
The best part is... he'll be back on Friday.

longhair1301962 56M
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3/13/2006 6:34 pm

That was a great weekend. so many wonderful kinky things. I will have to check back here often to read more. Would love to meet you one day. I would love to have you piss on me will Philly fucks you in the ass. Keep up the good writing.

thewarheart69 37M

3/23/2006 8:36 pm

That's the hottest fucking thing I've ever read...shit...I want to do that to you sometime

HrdFcknLuvsSckn 43M/36F

3/24/2006 6:22 am

Thanks thewarheart... it was a lot of fucking fun doing it too.

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