A really good night: part 4  

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10/6/2005 7:20 pm

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A really good night: part 4

She returned from the bathroom and when she got on the bed she had me ly on my back. Now it was my turn. There was no need for the rest of my clothes so off they went. I knew what was coming next. She began to run her hands along my body and as she did, I just relaxed and enjoyed how it felt. After a couple of minutes, she starts heading towards my cock and I can feel the blood start to rush to the area arriving there at the same time her hands do. She gently takes me in her hands and begins to stroke along the shaft as it throbs. Her touch is so soft it feels like she has on velvet gloves and when she touches the head it sends chills through my whole body. Just when I thought I couldn't feel any better, I feel her soft lips wrap around the head of my cock and the intensity doubles instantly. The feeling of her lips and tongue cause me to start to thrust my hips up to meet her mouth and she starts to take me in as far as she could. From the way she sucked I could tell that this wasn't just a chore and that she really enjoyed sucking cock. It was almost like she was worshiping at an altar. Finally I could take no more. If I didn't stop her now I would be finished too soon and there was still more to do....

Continued in part 5


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