A really good night: part 2  

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10/4/2005 11:36 am

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A really good night: part 2

Continues from part 1

We went upstairs to her apartment and she gave me a quick tour of her place. It was the perfect size for one person and I think apartments in old buildings have a great deal of character. She took my jacket and leaned in close. We started to kiss and I could tell that she enjoyed kissing and liked to take time to enjoy everything about the whole experience. As my cock got harder, she pressed her body against mine and angled her hips so she was rubbing her clit against it. I knew she was getting as turned on as I was and our hands explored each other's bodies as we continues kissing. She then suggested we head to the bedroom and I was in complete agreement. There was no turning back at this point and neither of us wanted to stop. She unbuttoned and removed my shirt and then began rubbing her hands across my chest. We ended up on the bed kissing and feeling one another but up until this point our hands didn't go below either's waist line. It's not that we didn't want to, we both wanted to enjoy everything slowly. Besides, it was already early the next morning so why rush it at this point. Everything felt so good. By now, I was throbbing and by the way her hips kept shifting to meet mine, I could tell that she was as wet as I was hard. It was finally time...

Continued in part 3


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