Mission Impossible  

HotTsunami 48F
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3/14/2006 6:45 pm
Mission Impossible

i wake, but to what? normal existence no longer definable. what is this? what do they seek? my being insists to ignore the petty ponderings and attempts by feeble bored minds with nothing better to do. i simply want. want so much. pure pleasure is OUT there and i will find it. these "obstacles" i see before me, stand no chance of survival. bring it, i say. life is short. dont make it shorter by wasted efforts and energy on a goal you will not acheive. live and let live. and happier you will be. FUCK FOREVER and FOREVER FUCK! my motto. now live it out.

i seek that one to light my fire. one who makes me wet from a mere gaze from across the room. he approaches. i can FEEL his touch before he reaches me. soaking wet. he takes me, i resist not. i feel his throbbing cock slide in my thirsty wet pussy, feeling every inch slide all the way in its tightness. fuck me i say! as intensity builds, i can fight no longer! i cum HARD, squeezing his cock, informing him instantaneously, I have control, taking it from him. i own him, in him owning me. ecstacy is ours. and soon will begin again.

what fiery souls are out there? speak if not in fear of your passions. i want to hear.

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