Shower Scene  

HotTXpussy4U 49F
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2/26/2006 11:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Shower Scene

Mmmmmm, I just took the most wonderful shower.

I guess over the years - showers just have become the ordinary. Get in - get out and get done.

Today - I just stood there, letting the water run down the front..down my stomach...down my legs - - mmmm, it just felt wonderful.

Water was it cooled I would make it hotter...and hotter - eventually no cold water used at all. I could see my breast were a little red from the heat - but I didn't care. Parting my lips so that the water reached every inch of me...

I gotta take more long showers like that - I'm totally relaxed. Spent 20 minutes in the tanning bed..all warm now.


fullback3469 51M
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2/26/2006 11:51 am

sounds want some company on your tanning bed?

HotTXpussy4U 49F

2/26/2006 12:25 pm

I have some of the most wonderful fantasy's of having company in my tanning bed.... Not sure what kind of tan lines it would leave - but wouldn't that just be the most fun!

gnr8nrg 47M

2/28/2006 11:32 pm

In Colorado I experienced the best showers in my life. The pressure was "Parting my lips so that the water reached every inch of me..."

HotTXpussy4U 49F

3/1/2006 9:47 am

Come here sweetie - let me help you!

truckers4love 59M

3/22/2006 9:08 pm

See what you mean about the "warm" showers. Looks like I'll be taking more cold ones though. Unless you want to share a warm one with me.

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