Lucy - You Got Some 'Splain'n To Do!  

HotTXpussy4U 49F
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9/7/2006 2:25 pm

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9/11/2006 4:11 pm

Lucy - You Got Some 'Splain'n To Do!

Is it just me - or do you wonder how that night of passion happened??? It's a visual

Poor chicken!!!! 2 Breast and a little feathered ass and the Elephant couldn't help but stick her with his trunk!

ZZ_Todd 60M

9/7/2006 2:48 pm

Probably had her up against the wall!

You just knew I was going to say that, huh

HotTXpussy4U replies on 9/7/2006 3:19 pm:
Oh My...had her against the wall - - - Thighs Spread... Wings tied behind her back.... yep - that's how he did her!

puseaholic 42M

9/11/2006 11:02 am

The chicks that love to tease are pleased to recieave the big cock.

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