He Danced My Clothes Right Off......  

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7/25/2006 8:31 pm

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He Danced My Clothes Right Off......

It had been a very long week, on top of a very long month...hadn't been out and had any fun at all. So the plans were made - We Were Going OUT! A well deserved break for all the hours that had been put in over the past few months.

Just happy to be going out - who cares about food? SO what if they say "always eat before your drink" - we were going out.

Having lived out of suitcase for months...I was not thrilled with my choices of clothes for the night. The only new things I have acquired in my travels was a few pairs of shoes (of course) and a few more g-strings to add to my huge collection. But true to form - I put on a low-cut top..as the girls were going OUT!!

Not sure what I expected as we arrived at the club. Good music, my favorite beverage and plenty of people to watch. When traveling up north - I hate to talk (if you can believe that), seems all conversations start with "Love the accent, where are you from?". But in a crowded club...luckily it's almost impossible to hear. The other problem about going out when you are traveling with work - - you see people from work. Damn it...can't escape. And when you work with a company like mine...everyone you work with, are men. So me and my lone female companion for the night are at the club surrounded by men...that makes it hard to find NEW MEN!!!

The advantage you have with being around a bunch of people you know is that you always have someone to dance with. Being a bit out of my element in this kind of club setting (anything not country)..it takes me a few drinks for me to loosen up to get out on the dance floor. But once the groove gets in me, it's hard to stop. It always feels funny dancing so close to someone you work with. You don't want to give the wrong idea to them, but then again, you are on a dance floor and when in Rome.... lol

I'm a sucker for a good dancer...when they have the moves and are just "hot" themselves..and the alcohol is flowing....well - I might do things I might not normally do. Not only could I feel the vibes of a certain guy while sitting at our table...but the "vibes" could be felt when we danced. He wasn't just a good dancer, he was an ex-stripper...damn baby!! But being that I am who I am...I knew I could not act on the "vibes" I was feeling inside. So we played it cool through the rest of the night. The bar closed at 3AM and they kicked us all out. The club we chose was only 2 blocks from the hotel...so no drinking and driving for us. Instead we just all held on as we walked our way back.

We are all on different floors...but just so happens that me and my "vibe" guy are both on the same. So being the Southern lady that I am, I offered to see if he wanted a few beers, as I had one of the few rooms with a fridge. Uh - yes, he took me up on my offer...I really didn't know if he would and offered it up before I knew what I was saying. After opening the beers in one room...we moved to the other and flipped on the TV. I have to say, I was nervous...he was not the kind of guy I usually go for. But feeling adventurous..and a bit horny after months of no attention...why not??

As he moved closer to me, he asked how it was that I came from Texas but knew how to move so well on dance floor to that kind of music. Being nervous - I tend to crack jokes...so I said something like "I saw it all on TV".... geez, I'm such a goof. We were lying on the hotel bed, chatting about goofy things, movie on TV, then he knocked his entire beer over...I was laughing hysterically as he scrambled to clean it up. He came back to the bed and lightly slid his hands up my jeans and over my hips -- pulling up on my exposed g-string. God I love it when a guy does that! Now there was no talking...just slow hands moving, exploring my body...slowly unbuttoning my jeans. Definitely getting to the point of no return. If I was gonna stop it..it had to be now.

I didn't stop.

I had moved him to his back...I had to see those wonderful muscles that I knew were under that shirt...but I didn't dare just rip off his clothes. No, he had been ever so slow in exploring my body...I wanted to experience the same with him. But I chose to do it with my lips, not my hands. In soft light of the glow of the TV, I could see his abs, his skin was smooth...and tasted sweet - even with the salt from the dancing earlier. My fingers lightly touching his sides, a little tickle that was quickly followed by my sweet kisses. I could hear his breathing quicken and then let in a sigh...I think that's what I love about being in control..knowing that what I do can cause pleasure.

Being totally turned on by his abs, his arms and the smoothness of his skin..I couldn't help but want to explore down further. If he was smooth down there, I was gonna be in heaven!! I'm happy to say, I was not disappointed. I got the impression that he might have had too many women who had taken control and given him head on a voluntary basis. He never had to ask or make the motion - I was already there and more than eager to please..and it's only going to get me hotter and wetter! When I knew that he was going to get to the point of no return...I slowly pulled away - - oh no, not yet...we had gone this far..we were going to go all the way.

He got to the side of the bed, and started to playfully pull of my jeans from the bottom - - to know that we could have fun and still have sex...I do love that. He dropped his jeans while I manueverd off my top. He made me stop at the top...he wanted to see my bra and g-string...he asked "does all your stuff always have to match?"...and I giggled "of course, you just never know when someone is gonna see you naked"..and we both laughed - SO HOW TRUE IT WAS!!

There is no doubt that he had an appreciation of curvy women. And he took special attention to my Panthers tattoo - - mmmmm, special attention. I told him that it was my goal to convert as many people as I could....did he want to join my team? He slowly slid in behind me...how did he know that is my favorite position? It must have been his too, as he had no problems putting me in the position that fit him best and he knew it would be something I would get great enjoyment from it. Nothing he did was quick and fast...his slow moving sent me to new realms of pleasure...he actually knew to reach around and play with my clit. There was no way this guy was gonna cum before he knew I was totally taken care of. And I was taken care of many times. When we finished..he put on his clothes and we both laughed that we saw the sun was coming up. What a great night. Yes - it's our secret of how we spent it, no one will ever be the wiser. His roommate had his own date that night and well, I don't have roommates.

I don't know if our paths will cross again...my work world is funny place. But I do know if he ever wants to go dancing again - I will make sure to put on my dancing shoes. Maybe next time I will even give him a kiss - - gotta have something to look forward too

Easein2it2 52M

7/26/2006 8:36 pm

MMM Well done Tx, a very erotic and literate exchange for you to share. Glad you're getting some smiles on the road and meeting new friends. Keep Smiling!

rm_hockeyfanguy 45M

7/27/2006 4:57 pm

Sounds to me like you had a lot of fun. Way to go!

Exceptionally well-written, too, I might add.

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