Did I Mention???  

HotTXpussy4U 49F
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1/21/2006 12:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Did I Mention???

Did I mention.....

How Excited I am to be going home???


gnr8nrg 47M

1/21/2006 9:12 pm

I prefer to use mine as a towel rack. Texas has many bloggers and when I moved to Colorado we had something in common. Locals didn't like Californians or Texans. We drove up real estate.

rm_rikntx 51M
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1/22/2006 5:10 am

Welcome back to the great state. I just found AdultFriendFinder and luckily I found your profile and blog right off the bat. I hope carolina makes it to the super bowl. Know of any good parties if they do?

Dallas_Male_35 48M
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1/23/2006 12:36 am

I hope you get to stay home and enjoy your home for a while before you have to leave again.

I'm waiting for a phone call to see if I get to go at least talk to the people about my big trip . . . but, it will be a LONG one . . . minimum of 12 months,and possibly up to 36.

rm_cockmerollme 46F
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1/23/2006 1:17 am

I'm so sorry that Carolina lost..i really wanted to see a steelers/panthers game.


HotTXpussy4U 49F

1/23/2006 11:17 am

You know I prefer you with no towel at all!

No Super Bowl for me...

Dallas Male 35
I should be home for about a month - as court date is 2/27. Okay - THAT is not a trip, that is relocating!! Goodness, sorry hun.

I was rooting for your Steelers during your game... maybe I should have saved some of that yelling for MY team! Good Grief...
Well you know I'm behind BIG BEN - all the way! Dang - wish that were true in real life as well..hee hee

Dallas_Male_35 48M
255 posts
1/23/2006 1:29 pm

Actually, it's just a trip . . . but when it was over, I would be back here, just like before.

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