Music, ...... Love It or Hate It  

HotSexyCupl 47M/43F
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3/28/2006 11:48 am

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Music, ...... Love It or Hate It

I was having a conversation about music the other day and the subject of came up. Hip-Hop is surely contaversial, and I would like your honest opinion!! I have a posted a poll, but I am also interested in your opinion on the subject. I also realize that it is often a love it or hate it genre, and would like to hear your 2 cents ....

What is ther best era/genre for music?
Old School .... Grandmaster Flash, SugarHill
Golden Age of .... Run DMC, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Ice T
Gangsta ... NWA, Dre, Snoop, Easy E, Geto Boys, 2 Pac, Biggie
Commercial/Corporate ... MC Hammer, Black Eye Peas, Nelly,
Current ... Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil John ... u tell me!
White Boy ... Beastie Boys, Eminem, Kid Rock , Beck, G. Love
I like it all!!
None, I hate , It is sexist, racist, homophobic, misogynist, violent
Other (please specify)
New Jack .. Outkast, The Roots, Fugees .. with Live Instruments

Rhev 40M

3/28/2006 2:31 pm

Id agree with Nuttz with the exception for a few bands. I'm not really that big into R&B and , but you have to give bands like B.E.P. and Outkast a lot of credit for bringing something unique to the genre.

PS. oldschool all the way.

rm_DarknStar 55F
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3/28/2006 6:24 pm

I really should have voted I hate it! But I do like a few of kid rocks and others...So really it depends on the song!.....Mainly...I dont listen to it!

HotSexyCupl 47M/43F

3/29/2006 9:46 am

Thanks to everyone that voted!
I have a little of everything on the list, except Black eyed peas, Hammer, Nelly and Lil John. I love asking the question because is a polarizing/contraversial subject.
Due to my age, I would have to say I really love the Golden Age stuff (especially PE) That was a great era! But due to my pigmentation, I would have to say my favorite is the White Boy stuff! I think Eminem is one of the lyricists, ever, any genre. Right up there with (but slightly below) Bob Dylan. Always loved Beasties, too (Paul's Boutique is the BOM!
I know the new stuff pretty much sucks, but I LOVE Jay-Z (The BluePrint) and about half of Kanye's stuff (Gold Digger Jams) and even though Outkast isn't very original, I love them too. EVERY song on both discs Speakerboxx/Love Below is a DIRECT rip-off of Prince. Even the photos on the albumcover rip Prince (mic gun). I sure love it though!

buddhamike 107M
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3/30/2006 1:46 pm

Most of it is poetry not music. (and intentionally offensive)

BlogginKat 44M
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4/5/2006 6:11 am

So what about rock- crossover groups like Limp Bizkit?
A really good (but hard-core) crossover group is Hed(pe). Yes that's really how it's spelled. Very sexual and violent, but hey, we're talking about rock/ fusion. It's a fantastic blend of both genres. Oh, yeah, stick to the first 2 albums, they signed with a crappy label and got censored on the third, then signed with yet another and had a bit of backlash on the forth for being so p.c..

Disposable Heros of Hyp-Hop-risy. Very good group. Look 'um up!

OH, and...



rm_shaveclean2 57M/44F
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4/6/2006 10:01 am

I like it all and my better 1/2 likes Kid Rock!! But let me say this...for those of you that hate it because of the message music sends .... BE IT racist, sexist, homophobic or whatever else we can think of PLEAE NOTE that it is a particular ARTIST that disrespects people NOT a genre of music>>>>>>>I HATE to remind you BUTyou're ON A SEX SITE what do you think people think about you/us!?? Are you/we really the ones to speak on morality???????????????????/
G the female 1/2 of Shaveclean2


Rod8828 58M

4/18/2006 5:46 pm

is a great way for me to embarrass my 2 teenage sons. Nothing better than walking of the green after making a birdie (actually winning a hole for a change) and busting 50 cent on their ass, "Hate it or love it the underdogs on top, and i'm gonna shine homey 'till my heart stop.... Their buddies love it. I imagine my boys wish it was the 18th. I was really surprised that there are alot of songs that try to send a good message. Nelly's album Suite is in the CD player of my truck now. Eminem had to go back in the case for a while.And this is from a 46 year old white bald dude that still has some vinyl featuring Nugent, Zappa, Hendricks.... It just sounds like they are having alot of fun recording . Oh and I'm working on my own song. I might be famous one day. I'm gonna be OBC. (Old Bald Cracker). Word.

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