Photos I Took at the NCAA Championship game in Indy Last Night!!!  

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4/4/2006 10:33 am

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Photos I Took at the NCAA Championship game in Indy Last Night!!!

NCAA Championship Game Pix!!!
Here are some photos that I took at the Game Last Night! It was pretty cool!!
I Love this dunking photo. I moved around a bunch, but I sat in some really good seats. I also sat in the Florida cheering section for a while, that was a trip! Florida definately had a bigger presence.
The Stars are out in Indy!!
But the Only pics I could get were Greg Gumbel, Clark Kellogg, & Seth Davis ... LOL
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It was an unusual crowd. It wasn't very loud at all, especially compared to a colts game, and there were tens of thousands more there than a Colts game. I got a ticket for $10. I waited to right before the game to even leave. No traffic, and the people who leave after the game starts always leave a parking space too. First group was a bunch of bruthas and I walked up said, "I just got off work and I'm cruising through, I have $10 if anyone wants to sell a ticket". They all roll their eyes and cuss me so I walk on by. I don't get more than 50 feet and one runs up with a ticket .... LOL. I walked in, walked to half court and headed down isle like I knew where I was going, saw some kids in Florida shirts, smiled and said "Yes!" like they were my seats and plopped down. right then Florida scores, we all smack five and watch the game! I saw a few people that I knew, but in the old days I knew everybody. I had a store in Union Station for 10 years so I worked downtown and I knew everybody and had free ducats to every event. I have seen hundreds of concerts, sporting events, Olympics, Pacers, Colts, IU, Purdue, Final Four, Indians, trade shows, monster trucks, motorcycle races, Ice Capades, circus ... all for free..... knew everybody, store owners, vendors, cops, bouncers, etc .... last night reminded me of my pre-children days.

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