Morning After Sex  

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1/19/2006 6:14 pm

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Morning After Sex

Finally!!! A chance to post up!
Let's see ... Samantha had to work the next day, so she got up and got kids ready for school. Then she came back to bed and started feeling me up and hunching me. She said she was horny and that is all it took, soon I had her bent over, strokin it. Then she bounced on it and got off and told me to cum. "Are you gonna fuck me tonight?", I asked. I wanted to work out and I didn't want to cum if I was going to later, I am so lazy in the gym after I shoot! She tells me she will, & I tell her to lay on her back. First this, then that, blah blahblahhhh. Anyway, I look up at the clock and I have missed my work out! Now she says "fuck me till we both cum". I know it is last cum so I try to make it last, I don't wanna stop. So it builds, and when we get close, we tease each other, stop, close, stop.... until she is over the edge and I bear down and give her my morning best ..... when I know she is done with her orgasm, I feel free to let myself go.. she says "I want you to straddle me and shoot on my tits!" and that is all I need baybeee! I do and she works my cock with both hands and jerks me porn film style, laughing and making faces.
So now I look up and I am late for work! FUCK!
I am a lazy ass all day, skip the gym, but I am still expecting to get some that night.
Didn't happen. I wanted to be pissed, but I felt pretty lucky that I had a good morning.

safereturns 48F

1/19/2006 9:43 pm

Hard to complain with that kind of morning!

I love it that my lover sets the clock early because he intends to fuck me. So nice!

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