House Of Pain says ........... Happy St. Patrick  

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3/17/2006 11:39 am

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House Of Pain says ........... Happy St. Patrick

Happy St. Patricks Day All!!! I am celebrating by doing what I always do on St. Pat's Day .... Listening to House of Pain, Van Morrison, the doors (Jim Morrison) and U2 all day, wearing green (my HOP shirt), and getting my drink on tonight!!!!
I wanna send my shout out to my Irish friends .... McKinney, Mulligan, Kendall, Morrison ... .Aunt Ilene R.I.P. ..... My last name is Irish (could be English, too), but I don't know my real heritage ..... and native American on Dad's side, German on Mom's.
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    Well, Indiana won, and I get my wish to see them play Gonzaga, I like both teams, Adam Morrison is the great white hope! Irish too!!! ... LOL:

      Luck of the Irish to Ya!!!!
      I can see it now. I already know who is going to have all of this crazy new style on their blogs, You Know who You are!!!!!!!!! LMAO!
      NCAA Tonight Tomorrow!!!! Go IU!!!!
      Don't Drink too much green beer tonight!!!!
    House of Pain

    House of Pain.....
    One could never say that they are the greatest acts of all time, but their first album is so good, and they basically fell victim to the racism and Vanilla Ice-ism (like Kid Rock, another Irish guy, his first time around). Everlast proved he was more than a one hit wonder when her put out Whitey Ford with the hit "What it's Like". House of Pain was supposed to release another comeback album, but I haven't heard anything for several months.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!?

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    I heard that leprechans have humongous penises, should I do a poll on it ... .LOLhotsexycupl

    Top O the Mornin' To Ya!!!!!!!

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