..... Hoping For a Double-Double this Weekend!!!!!!! .......anyone else get laid??????  

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3/19/2006 6:41 pm

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..... Hoping For a Double-Double this Weekend!!!!!!! .......anyone else get laid??????

Already had sex today, hopin' for a double double this weekend!
Last night was fun. We had a few drinks and had sex for an hour or so. It has been all quickies for a while, it felt good to take our time. I gave her a lot of oral throughout. We had a quickie earlier in the day, but I saved my cum for sex that night.

hotsexycupl I did something fun today that actually doesn't involve sex. My friend and I made a couple Pinewood Derby cars for our sons Cub Scouts race next weekend. My buddy had all the stuff in his garage so he did all the cutting. I sculpted with the dremmel tool. Now we have to paint them and do the graphics, it is gonna be cool. We did one for my son, and I had to buy another one for myself ... LOL

This Purple & Pink Post is dedicated to Samantha.

My cock was hard all day from night before, smelling like sex .... we couldn't take it any longer and snuck off to bedroom for a fantastic, position changing fuck
Hoping For a Double Double this weekend
PHOTO I Like to Paint my Dick Green as a St Patrick's Day Tradition from St. Patty's Day
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3/19/2006 7:20 pm

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