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3/6/2006 3:11 am

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Caryon Sad Loser Caryon

I'm a model and I have been quite fortunate to have been blessed by God with decent looks, great family, good friends and a prosperous career.

However my good fortune can in a very few prepubescent juveniles, such as "caryon" of the FL chatroom, evoke their deep feelings of jealousy, bitterness, envy and hatred for anyone such as I who have things they never will.

I have made some wonderful friends here and been told that when I join a chat people have fun due to my entertaining and upbeat attitude. I also extend my hand in friendship to any reasonable person I chat with. I have had a great time.

When "caryon" realized that when I was in a room no one paid any attention to her, I became the focus of her petty, sad, bitter, twisted rotting mind, I became the object of her hatred. When she enters or leaves a room the stench of her putrefying bitterness towards life leaves a foul odor on all she touches.

She turned a great time into re-runs of her grade school days where her mental growth obviously ended... as her elementary linguistic skills and her 3rd grade bullying reflect. She constantly pats herself on the back laughing loudest at her childish and cynical attacks which her demented gray mush interprets as some type of wit. She is consumed by bitterness as a result of her insignificant life. I leave her to herself and to you. I came here to have fun and I prefer not to be affected by her malodorous persona.

Caryon people, like myself, that are more successful, more attractive, more intelligent and have more friends than you are not your enemies. I extended my hand in friendship, you spat on it. Even as you reveled in your simpleton assault on me, I didn't sink to your level and demean you, which would have been child's play. I don't beat up children, hon. Watching you continually beg for anyone to have sex with you is... well it is nauseating.I will however say a prayer for you because it's people with attitudes like yours that diminish the quality of life for the rest of us that have real lives.

To my friends, I thank you for your friendship and bid you farewell.

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