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2/11/2006 4:22 pm

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I went for dinner tonight with a group of friends from work...all very nicey, nicey.

Anyway the point of this is that during dinner I noticed this bloke staring at me...I thought at first that he was going to try it on. Particularly when we were in the bar later...even my friends noticed his dodgy glances.

Eventually he came over and spoke to me....turns out that he was a former one night stand!!! How completely embarrassing not to recognise him. I will admitt it was a number of years ago but I have always been very assured in myself that I could rememeber them all, names and faces!!

At the time when he spoke to me I was so mortified that I had forgotten him and couldn't place him, I was actually speachless...something which doesn't happen to me very often!!

Its only since I came home (had work to do so no heavy drinking tonight) that I have been able to place him....It was around the time of my 21st...I was very much the merry of drink and he was up here visiting his brother but staying in a local hotel...he was really young...shit he still looks young...actually he was one of the first that I remember where I begged him to fuck me up the arse....the reason I didn't remember him much was 1)ashamedly alcohol and 2)he told his brother that I had been the fuck of his life and after his brother propositioned me one night, I fucked him! The brother was far more memorable as his cock was huge!

Anyone else have a one night stand they have been reminded on in later life??? What about a really crap you really regret????

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