Late musings  

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2/10/2006 5:34 pm

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Late musings

I was in such a good mood tonight, having a serious pamper session....until I logged on and noticed that Shorewalk had been back!!

Then my mood got even better!! As a very different and unique email I received tonight said...what a sad little man, coming on a site like this to carry on like that. (By the way, thanks for that email I will be replying shortly, really enjoyed someone who actually takes the time to send something relevant and different)

See the thing is the more I think about it, maybe shorewalk is actually flirting...strange way to go about it...but whatever floats your boat...he won't win though...I could go on flaming and responding the entertainment of it!!

So to any of you in my network I will have some pics ready really soon. Been pampering all night in readiness. I love all that girly stuff, nothing like locking yourself in all night with a bottle of wine and loads of lotions and potions.

Should really be thinking about adding something deep and profound to this blog rather than tedious rambling, but after so much wine I'm not really in the mood! bit too flirty and mischeivious tonight for that!

Any of you in the Caithness group, there doesn't seem to be anything happening..maybe we should shake things up a bit in the county!!

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