Repost: Monday Evening  

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4/5/2005 10:46 pm

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Repost: Monday Evening

People have told me they can't see this one so here it is again. Hopefully it'll work this time cause it's my favorite so far.

Usually these entries are about me looking at mutiple women and going through stages while I pleasure myself but today there was only one. I was casually looking on AdultFriendFinder, not really that horny or really wanting to jerk off. That was until I stumbled upon
bbwcutie1977. Man, she is smokin'. My cock was rock solid in seconds. The cute face, the perky breasts and just the total package. I threw on a porno for background moans and began to think of her sexy ass riding me. I picture her in that sexy red and black dress, sliding that zipper down slowly to reveal a sexy lace bra and panty set. Removing the panties, I reach down and begin to touch her, rubbing her clit and she moans. I slide my fingers in and begin pumping at her g-spot, making her moans grow louder and louder. She tugs at my ock, making it so hard. She cries to feel me inside her and I lay down. She climbs on top of me and it feels amazing to slide inside her hot wet box. Each motion is more and more plesant as I play with her big breasts that are joyously in my face, feeling her hard nipples, licking them occasionally. I look up and she's smiling in bliss with each pump, screaming away at how good it feels. I love watching her curly hair bounce as she rides me and she climaxes all over my hard cock, her pussy milking me as I cum shortly afterwards, filling her with my load. She collapses on top me and I embrace her. It feels damn good. Oh, when could I catch the next flight to Portland. . .

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