Monday Morning  

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3/28/2005 6:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Monday Morning

Go, I hate mondays. Having to gear up and go back to classes. I always like to start off my week by getting a load out . What ladies will there be today?

I open up my AdultFriendFinder and click on the people shown to me online. First, is baysidehottie I love her picture because of the electric blue teddy on her hot body. It makes my cock rise but with only one picture, I move on. I click on some of her friends. First is INeedSexPlz2, a sexy slim Southern belle. She's looking foxy topless. She also has red hair. I really do have it for redheads. I got to photo 3, her with her slender legs wide open rubbing her red swollen pussy and I'm off. I'm picturing myself between those legs, giving it to her hard and fast, the way I imagine she likes it. Getting harder and hornier, I go to my next selection from bayside's friends, Gay_amanda. I know the title should tip me off that I'll never get her but her pictures are too hot to be ignored. Her in sexy corsets with garters and giving girls her strap-on. It drives me crazy getting harder and harder. It brings back those hinder reachings of wishing I was a woman seducing other women, wearing sexy lingerie. And no, for those curious I will not cross dress to satisfy it it's not the same. next is bzk1433, she's hot and slender with a long torso but not enoguh to keep my interest at the moment. nobber98 was next a little British thing with a love for sucking cock as evidenced by the huge photo greeting me. I continue to stroke. The photo of her getting it in the ass while wearing a black thong sends me off and I get closer and closer to cumming. Makes me wish for a tight ripe ass to nail. I check out her British friends (I LOVE British girls) and LustyLindy strikes me. A hot blonde girl with eyes that could seduce a dead man drives me crazy. I get close and i cycle through the women that are open, flashes of sexy lingerie that put me on the edge and I go back to INeedSexPlz2 INeedSexPlz2 and her legs spread, thinking about ravaing here and I burst everywhere. Sweet release.

keithcancook 61M
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3/28/2005 4:19 pm

Clever way to open a blog Horny. I like your creativity.

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