The Penis and I  

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8/14/2006 11:28 pm

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The Penis and I

Well here l am, Me, Zack a teenage Aussie Boy from downunder, myself a swimmer and music writer and my penis 7 inchs of meat that decides to bone up at the most inapropiate moments, but more on that later.
l guess l'm writing this blog as a self exporlation of my sexuality, but whos not to say l cant share it with anybody eles so l could get some feedback. Thats one thing l beleive there should be about sex, feedback because how is a guy supposed to know if hes giving bad head when his partner doesnt tell him. Teaching helps, and it can help satisfy both people in the releationship. And now l'm starting to sound like Dr Phil...
Well like l mentioned earilier on that l get erections at the worst of times. It happens to all guys l think, and its the worst thing about having a big penis. And then thats a debate in itself, what is a big penis. Ladies and Gentlemen comment on here on your opinions about a perfect penis. So any way l was in class today siting down, teacher drops her chalk and bends over and wham, my dick goes straight up. Thank the lords for tables. And it wouldn't go down, so l made it look like a had lost something when l packed my bag to leave the lesson. She then walked over and asked me if l needed help with anything. l was tempted to say the obvious, but l restrained myself. She left the room after that.
One of the things l do enjoy is masturbation. Any kind of it as well. Thats one thing you should know about me, l'll try anything at least once. Though l have a question for anybody thats reading, what do you like to do while pleasuring yourself?
l'v sat on bicycles and wanked, thats about the kinkyest thing on mind, l'll write a list down for my next post. Stay tuned for the next episode where Zack battles the invincible Erection, only kidding.

rm_JO_Bud2006 49M

8/20/2006 1:58 am

I think your boning up in class and then the teacher talking to you as you tried to hide it is HOT! Think she knew?

The first time I got a hardon in an inappropriate place was in the shower in high school in front of all the other guys! I was 14 and it was the first day of gym class in my freshman year and for the next 4 years I was known as the boner kid. Much worse I think than your experience.

BTW, glad you liked my posting on my blog. There's more to cum! I think you have a great cock and awesome body as well. You're hot!

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