Oh What A Day!!  

HonoluluRose 30F
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6/8/2006 12:26 pm
Oh What A Day!!

My tits have sure grown larger in the past few months. I know im a full D at least. I had to order some new bras. YAY I love bra shopping. I will prolly take come photos when I get them and post them up here. THere sexy. lol of course.

I miss the touch of a woman. Soft warm fingers drawing lines and circles up and down my body. *le sigh* I miss everything about having a woman in my arms. I didnt know that this would bother me so much. It used to be easy to find a girl who I could talk to. but now it seems like im out of my game. I know im not ugly, I know im smart and funny and very understanding and I know how to make conversation and listen to people. So why havnt I seen the one. Heck why havnt I even talked to a girl. I try but maybe I should just... I dont know. This isnt supposed to be a sad blog.

im sitting here naked and I cant decide if iw ant to get on cam or not. I have tons of pictues id like to put on here but I cant seem to find them. Boo hoo. I am thinking of making my own website so I can put nude photos on there and maybe do a few cam shows here and there. IM not really sure. What do you guys think I should do. I dont really know the first thing about making my own site and I could really use the help. And a photographer. I havnt mastered the skills of taking my own photos. But I can sure take them of someone else. Funny how that works.

I posted a picture of me at xmas like years ago... am I allowed to do that. hmmmm well we will just have to see. If anyone wants to talk to me or if you have any advice go ahead and let me know. THANK YOU. MUAH!!!

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