in the woods  

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9/9/2006 7:15 am

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9/14/2006 5:50 pm

in the woods

Last night Peter drove up and took me to dinner. Dinner was nice. I was relaxed and enjoyed the meal.

Then afterwards, we decided to drive out to the lake and watch the moon over the water.

There wasn't much moon watching. Instead we were making out in the front seat of his truck like two teenagers.

And of course, before long he lead me by the hand out of the truck and to the edge of the woods. Barely in the edge of the woods, just feet from the parking lot but in the shadows. I stepped out of my pants and panties and bent over from the waist and grabbed a small pine tree. I knew the light from the full moon was hitting my exposed ass, turning him on even more. I loved it, standing there in the woods, naked, just feet from the parking lot, bent from the waist, feet spread, pussy waiting.

I heard his zipper, the rustle of his pants, then he grabbed my hips and pressed into me hard and fast. Mmmmm I love the way he hits bottom when I'm standing, bent over like that. Wonderful.

It was fast and furious. The lights from a car pulling into the parking lot hit us and I hoped for a moment that the bushes were too thick for them to notice us. But honestly, I was too far gone to really think about it for long. Very quickly I was cumming, letting go of the tree and putting my hands on the ground to steady myself, trying to not scream in case someone in the parking lot could hear. Then he was cumming, thrusting harder, pulling me to him with each stroke, hitting bottom, then filling me with hot sticky cum running down my thighs all the way to my knees.

When he pulled out, I stayed bent over, naked and exposed, catching my breath. Before I could stand up, I felt his hands on my bottom. His fingers snaked into my freshly fucked pussy, gaping open, filled with cum. I took my hands off the ground and grabbed the tree again as he worked his fingers into me deep. His fingers fished around and found my g-spot. Yes... I love that spot. He started stroking it hard and fast, making me lose my breath, finger fucking me while I was standing naked in the woods. I reached down to rub my clit while he was pounding deep inside of me. Instantly I was cumming again hard. And much to my surprise, there was a stream of cum running out of my pussy. I wasn't just "squirting". I was GUSHING. I could feel it running over my fingers, hear it hitting the leaves between my feet..... It was so cool! I don't think I have ever gushed like that.

I stepped back into my pants and pulled them up, wobbly legged and cum coating my thighs. Even after I got back in the truck, when I moved I could feel a little rush of cum escaping my pussy. MMmMmmmmm

And I slept like a baby as soon as I got home and crawled into my bed.

rm_sexy40islady 58F
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9/9/2006 7:39 am

Don't you just love the great outdoors!

HisSecretDream 51F

9/9/2006 8:00 am

Oh yes I do!

Discreet_Man99 41M
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9/10/2006 6:57 pm

That's an incredible story. Exactly the sort of thing I'd look for in a relationship... giving the sex just a hint of danger. I've been enjoying a couple of your other entries tonight too. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

smoothieguy68 58M
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9/14/2006 5:22 pm

Elyse and I had been at the movies and it was probably about the worst one I had seen in a long time, but she wanted to see it so I made the best of it. But halfway through, my lack of interest changed as a scene became not only steamy but practically porn. The girl on the screen was really being fucked hard and it was the first time I had ever seen a regular movie where so much nudity was surpassed by actually seeing his erect cock and her erect nipples...and actors who were surely getting caught up in the moment. My cock was certainly stiff. Elyse was starting to squirm in her seat and her legs opened and she took my hand and led it to her waiting pussy...her dripping wet, barely covered soaked panty pulled aside pussy.

The darkness of the theater concealed my movements and the passionate grunts and moans surrounding us from the speakers allowed Elyse to escape notice of her heavy breathing, and whisper toward me to 'fuck her...fuck her deep and hard'. I kept pushing my fingers in and out of her, faster, deeper...slippery hot cum coating my hand and her legs opening wider, easing her body down so her legs could widen still more, unblocked by the arms of her seat.

"Yeah...oh God...yeah...don't stop...fuck me...fuck me..." I was so worried the sound in the theater would suddenly fall silent and only Elyse's pants and groans would be heard. But I wanted so much to take her right there...fuck her right in the theater...tell her to stand up and grab the back of the chair and bend over and I would stick my cock through my pants and shove it hard into her ready cunt. At that moment I didn't give a damn about anything or anyone. And yet I did.

"Let's go!" Elyse was already racing up the aisle with me following behind and I knew we would be fucking in the car right there in the parking lot.


We raced outside and I unlocked the car door, ready to climb in the back seat, but as bad luck would have it, one of the other movies had just ended and everyone was coming out of the theater.

"Let's go over to the can fuck me in the woods...because damn if I'm waiting until we get home."

I drove as quickly as I could and headed through the open gate. 'No visitors after dark'. Well, that was one sign I was going to ignore.

"Oh shit, someone is here!" We both saw the pickup truck at the same time, but no one seemed to be inside. But as my headlights sliced through the darkness across the trees, I saw a naked woman bent over, legs spread apart, and a big guy standing behind her fucking her hard and fast.

We both couldn't take our eyes off of them. But Elyse was already ripping her clothes off and I was unzipping my pants as fast as I could.

"Suck it...suck my dick!" I wanted to keep watching both of them fucking while she sucked me and Elyse was probably the best deep throat queen there was. "Suck it down...all of it!"

I grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples into hardness with my hands as she obeyed my command. "Yeah, oh yeah know how to suck a cock." I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat but I wanted it much deeper, so I pushed down hard on her head as she went down and after a slight pause, I glided all the way in...her lips pressed hard against my balls. "Oh God...Elyse...mmmm..." I reached down and pushed my fingers in her pussy, rubbing her clit, circling, tugging, my finger going faster around her, then plunging deep quickly, a gasp of surprise, then slid them out all the way and with the slighted pause, in really deep and hard...two fingers...three fingers. In and out...faster. Elyse kept sucking my cock all the way in then raising up a little to breathe then all the way down and stayed that way...throat massaging, tugging, pulling me...milking me.

The couple in the woods were still there, but the man pulled out of her, dripping cum sparkling in the light, and I worried that they were finished and would be getting back in their car and see us. But the guy turned and looked at me in the car, probably knowing full well that I could see him clearly and I guess he decided to put on a show for me. He moved to one side and I could see the woman's bare ass, and wet pussy lips gaping wide with a stream of glistening cum dripping out of it. He smiled at me, even though he certainly couldn't see my face, and leaned over and shoved his hand in her it seemed. All I know is that he was really giving it to her, and I decided to do the same with Elyse.

"Open your pussy it wide...I'm going to really fuck you good". I shoved my fingers in her...two...three...four...all four fingers shoving in her. So tight, but she was so wet and slippery they were able to go in with just slight forcing and I started twisting my hand from side to side.

"Ohhh..nnnnn...ggh...mmmhggg.." Elyse was starting to groan with both pleasure and pain, and I worked my hand in and out all the way to the crease of my thumb.

Meanwhile, I could see the guy was giving really hard and fast thrusts with his hand and since he was standing to one side of her so I could get a view, I was able to see her reach down and start rubbing her clit. I knew it about time. I tucked my thumb in the palm of my hand and began pushing...pushing...reaching over with my other hand when Elyse began raising her ass, trying to get away, and forcing her ass downward as my fingers and thumb worked their way deeper.

"Take it your cunt and take know you want it all.."

My cock was about to explode as she slid forward and downward, legs opening wider, pussy lips completely stretched...and my hand continued farther...and...suddenly slid in past my palm, fingers uncurving, rubbing that spot, that place that took her away from this world.

"AAAAAAGGHHHHH!!! GOD...uhhgghhgg..." Elyse began shaking uncontrollably...something that always took me over the top...and my cum squirted deep down her throat, my closed eyes reopening in time to see the woman in my headlights gushing cumjuices in pulsing squirts, over and over...I have never seen a woman shoot so much cum from her pussy. It was running down her legs, and was still pouring out of her when she pulled up her panties...still running down her leg as she pulled up her pants, the guy zipping his own pants and turning back to me, smiling...a nod in my direction.

They walked to their truck and got inside, and drove around past my car. I half expected for them to stop and ask if I enjoyed the show. In fact I was hoping they might...after all, I had always considered swapping with someone, and after seeing the way that woman gushed all that cum, I would have loved to lick it all and swallow all she had, and I know Elyse has always fantasized about having two cocks in her at the same time. But they didn't stop.

And so, that is why I was very pleased to read your blog...because now I know. It was you and Peter who we saw the other night.

And I am so happy we have found you after all.

rm_RawhideAZ 63M
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9/25/2006 10:13 pm

Wanted to say that there is Nothing finer sexually than a woman like yourself squirting(Gushing like you say it). Having a woman cum like that squirting Over and over is sheer...Heaven.


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