Things sure can turn around quick !  

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1/10/2006 9:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Things sure can turn around quick !

A couple of days ago I was dating the pastor of a church.He told me it was his church and his house ,but I found out it isn't his at all.He just gets to use it.I don't think he owns the car he drives either.That's not all that bad really,But I barely know him and he asked me to fill in and teach a Sunday School class.I don't even know all of the thou shalts.He seems really brainwashed by this Jesus thing.It's all he talks about,and he spends all of his time on the internet searching for Jesus stuff.He prays every time we eat dinner and Says we have to get married before we have sex.
I think he's a nice guy but I'm just not ready for that much religion.
I told him about a girlfriend that I like to play with and he said that she's an abonimation because we sleep together sometimes.He grabbed the bible and started turning pages and lecturing me and I had to walk away.I caught the bus home.
You meet some really strange people on the bus.Most of them don't have cars or don't drive.It must be hard to have to ride the bus everywhere you go.So,At least I'm glad that I have a car.I was kinda hoping that I would get to drive his though.(Lexus)
Oh well,Life goes on........Sara

nightstalker172 37M
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1/15/2006 8:58 pm dont know me but I was taken by this post for some reason. I know what its like to be around some religious zealots (most of my family kidna grew up with them) The problem with religion is that unless you share the same beliefs you will never get along...they will always try to convert you...and personaly I think religion is the worst thing to happen to this little planet of ours...Dont me wrong I believe in god and Jesus but I also believe that instead of feeling guilty all the time you should just live and treat others with kindness and respect..thats all anyone can ever do anyway regaurdless of your religion...

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