tonight's rambling  

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3/15/2005 11:49 pm

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tonight's rambling

(trying to figure out how this thing works, so please be patient)

more of a rambling this time. a kinda stream-of- consciousnes-free-form post.

first off, oh my god! i was so surprised to see all the wonderful responses to my previous post. they totally made my day. thanks!!! you're all great, and now i shall visit your blogs and write nice things there because you all so deserve it. thanks.

not watching 'deadwood' this time around, so i suspect my language will be less... err... colorful? than sunday. good show 'deadwood', not hbo's best, but still pretty decent, and definitely worth watching, if for no other reason than the (highly refreshing) never ending stream of profanity. good show.

have you ever had a conversation where you're almost sure the other person is high on something but can't really prove it and don't want to ask to avoid the risk of offending? had one of those today, and it went on and on, but because i didn't want to behave like the guy from my previous post, i did my best to try to be polite... it was weird. still not sure he was lucid.

breaking news!!! i've been offered $50 to perform a not very common sex act on a man... feeling weird about it. not sure this is how prostitues feel when offered money. actually not sure it compares as i was in no way soliciting.

still very weird. and still trying to come to grips with it. maybe because to me sex is about giving and sharing, so the idea is just... alien. yeah, alien is a good word to describe it.

for those of you wondering at home, i replied 'no'.

as for the act itself, a lady doesn't tell, but the words 'strap-on' and 'anal' were mentioned.

funny how instant messengers can sometimes make communication even more complicated than it normally is, yes i know it's not all their fault, that for all the technological advances, it still requires human effort on both parts for a conversation to succeed. but still.

anyhow, i'm all rambled (and weirded) out.

nightey nite everybody.

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3/16/2005 4:52 am

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