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HeyThereYou2 47F
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4/26/2005 9:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

question for the ladies

a friend and i were talking today. at some point in the conversation he mentioned poppers are supposed to make men like they have the biggest cock ever. (he swears this is all theoretical as he doesn't do drugs)

anyhow, he then starts to wonder if women would experience the same thing. (do tell if you know first hand)

i think about it for a while and decide that women don't spend nearly as much time thinking about the size and adequacy of their clits as men do of their cocks. and tell him so. he's still not buying it.

he thinks that given out propensity to worry endlessly about things like the size of our butts and boobs, not to mention the shape of our eyebrows, it follows that we must also obsess about the size/shape of our clits and nipples.

i agree with the first part of his statement. but not with the conclusion he's reached. i don't believe most women ever stop to consider the size of their clit. maybe nipples. but not the way men obsses with the size of their cocks.

so ladies, please do tell, do you spend any time worrying if your clit is big/small enough? how about your nipples? lips?

i know i don't. but i also know i'm not a representative sample.

yes? no?

jizzie43 57F

4/26/2005 11:20 pm

of course we wonder if our clits are to big or to small and if our pussy is a pretty one and if our tits are the right size and all the rest of those things... if the truth be known women and men are not that different from each other that is a thing from the 40's or 50's that will never go away, but it's a fact that women have a enormous amount of pressure on them to be best looking, best body,boobs, hair, skin, lips face and otherwise,ass,etc... so its not just one area of the body for women damn think about it we are supposed to be as close to perfect as possible or that you can afford to be, god help the poor women who has small boobs bad skin and a ugly pussy...

surftimefun 43M  
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7/16/2005 12:14 pm

I read an article recently about female genital plastic surgery; it's apparently becoming very popular. You can google it if you don't believe me!

HeyThereYou2 47F

7/16/2005 9:46 pm

i believe you. i do. i saw something about that in nip/tuck, but it was meant to be amusing.

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