Sanskrit Spice  

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12/20/2005 2:33 pm

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Sanskrit Spice

Brand-undone, I am bound.
Inshpiring my chest t' grin
Like back in sixty-three,
Before Leibfraumilch had been invented.

Muse, rainwalker, movie-talker:
Let me watch it.
Like a tangelo from the tree in the yard.
Not unlike when we were kids.

Holy oaks ascending the coastal perineum.
That same bull
Mounting crisp linen through the window,
Or old T-shirts
With quotes from modern freedom fighters:
"Will drive for sex"

Quality understanding is worth your while.
Plenty of face for fellatio.
We are saving guile for a parking lot Tet.
Take all the sloppy wet flavors of devotion
That go with it.

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