Musical Matrix, fries, and...  

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6/23/2006 12:53 pm
Musical Matrix, fries, and...

So the recording is going well. Lots of fun times going on. Quotes: guitarist-"Man, that part is like bullet just slows down, and then bam!" me-"So its like the Matrix but in musical form?"

And a bunch of other stuff. The donkey gag went over better than I had hoped, but I held it off til last night so I could get the producer to set up a mic for me. It was recorded and everything, and a good thing it was since we were doing vocals last night and it was taking awhile. It was also in time with the music, so that went rather well. I'm going to try and get an mp3 of just the donkey bit to the music, since I have the full song with the donkey thing at the moment. Theres also a wonderful picture of me being 'walked in' on with the donkey.

This recording has been awesome, lots of good memories.

As to the fries...I got sick last night. Probably shouldn't have had beer the whole time we were recording, but I did. Was hungry, went to Wendy's...and unpleasantries occured afterwards at home. For 3 hours. And since the fries are dry, some got stuck in my throat and I choked a bit. Had a glass of water afterwards just before bed...almost throw that up too. But all is well now apart from being really tired.

Been wondering this myself, but, how is it that people stay in relationships for long periods of time that they aren't into? A friend has been in a relationship for nearly 3 years, and hes been unhappy after the first 6 months. How is it that people can subject themselves to that for so long before doing anything, if they do anything at all?

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