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5/17/2006 11:41 am

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Ok, have been way to introspective lately....need to lighten up a tad....this is also a site to have fun with...right?

Was talking to My best friend the other day, who happens to be female. We got into a discussion of foreplay.(Yes, we talk about everything...ROFL.) We both came to the conclusion that it seems that it is becoming a lost art form to some. It seems as society has moved to fast has also moved to fast sex.

Tis a shame really....I mean....come run your hands over your partners feel all the sensations from that. To kiss gently...feeling the shivers go through them. Having a woman let her hair drift across your naked back.....feeling body rub against body.

To touch the breasts run your tongue over the nipples grasp the hands as You hear the subtle sigh. To kiss the sides of your partner....tickling them, while still holding their hands.

To kiss your way down their body.....teasing the entire way. Kissing harder at some points...lighter at others. To gently bite...having that wicked little smile on your face, so that your partner can see....

Well hopefully this has gotten some blood pressures up in a good way.... There is so much that can be, and should be done in the name of happiness...Don't You agree. Let me know some of the ways You like foreplay in your lives. Do you think it is a lost art, or are you one of the lucky ones. Really look forward to your answers....Have a great day..!

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